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Market Replay: 'End date' disabled when trying to create a New Chart

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    Market Replay: 'End date' disabled when trying to create a New Chart

    Hello guys,

    I was just trying to use the Market Replay with some data on the ES 12-12 that I've successfully imported for the 1st and 2nd of October but when I try to create such a chart and I am on the Data Series screen, I've realized that the 'End Date' field is disabled and with a value of '30/09/2012', so when I create the chart and start the replay from the 1st October is totally empty.

    A screenshot with the settings attached.
    (The Data Series screen should read 'Ask' rather than 'Last', I captured the wrong state).

    Any idea what could be causing the problem or if I'm doing something wrong? I can't figure why that 'End_date' is disabled and I cannot pick any date past September?

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    Hello Tronader,

    Thank you for your forum post.

    Market replay is a special type of data that is meant to playback prior real time data. It records all updating events as they occur and then it's played back the same way it would when it's live.

    The historical data manager is used to store only historical data, which is the OHLCV data marked with a timestamp. There's currently no "playback" feature for this style of data.

    With that being said, have you been able to download these days from Control Center > File > Utilities > Download replay data...?
    Ryan L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Ah, I see... I thought I could just load historical data in market replay.

      What's the main use of the historical data? Can we draw graphs from those values?

      I am unable to download any tick data from the utilities section, not sure why, so I imported another file formatted into Ninjatrader style...


        Hello Tronader,

        Historical data will be used to fill your charts while not connected to Market Replay.

        What Instrument and date(s) are you downloading from Control Center > File > Utilities > Download Replay Data...?
        Ryan L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Hello, thanks again.

          I think I'm getting confused, sorry, but I'm just starting with the software now.

          I thought it was not downloading anything from Utilities->Download Replay Data because after clicking there I was going to Historical Data->Edit for that Instrument, Year and the day I was selecting in 'Download Replay Data' is not appearing there.

          I've started the Replay tool for one of those days and it's got data there. Is there any place where we could check which dates we've got available for Market Replay (as they're not appearing in the Historical data)?

          And regarding the Historical data, that's what's doesn't seem to work, as in... I go to the 'Download' tab for ES 12-12 for example in the manager, then I pick a couple of dates (eg. 04/10/2012 and 05/10/2012) and then a combination of Tick/Minute/Day and Ask/Bid/Last, it doesn't matter what I pick that it doesn't download any new information to the Historical Data Manager (nothing new appears in the Edit tab for that instrument). Is it possible to download data from here?

          Thanks for the help. I'll read about Market Replay and Historial data more tomorrow, trying to understand their relationship.



            Hello Tronader,

            Here is my write up for Market Replay:

            Market Replay is used to replay data back in a simulated real time environment.
            For more information on how to use Market Replay, please see the steps below.
            To download replay data:
            • Select the File menu in the Control Center, select the menu item Utilities and select Download Replay Data... The Download Replay Data window appears.
            • Select the instrument and date of the desired replay data and press the OK button to begin the download.

            The status of the download will appear in the lower right hand corner of the Control Center.
            - Record for market replay must be disabled from the Data tab of the Options menu before downloading replay data.
            - NOT available when connected to the Market Replay connection.

            To connect to Market Replay data:
            • Left mouse click on the File menu in the Control Center
            • Select the menu item Connect
            • Select the menu item Market Replay Connection

            "Connected - Replay" should now show in the lower left hand corner of the NinjaTrader Control Center.

            Once connected to the Market Replay connection, the Replay control window will appear.
            At the top of the Replay control window, the replay speed and current replay date and time are shown. Below that title bar you can select the replay From and To dates.

            You may right click within the Replay control window and select "Available Data..." to view all data recorded for Market Replay.

            The Replay control is set up much like a DVD player. The following controls are available:
            • Play button - Starts the market replay
            • Pause button - Pauses the market replay
            • Speed control button - Each successive click increases the speed of the playback. From 1x to 500x
            • Slide control button - Selects a point in time to start replay (sliding during playback will reset the Replay101 account trade history)

            For more information on Market Replay:

            Below are links to our video library for the set up and replay of the Market Replay.

            Ryan L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Thanks for the links/explanations Ryan.

              I've now been trying both functionalities, market replay and historical data, and I see how they interact. I've got another specific doubt about historical data but I think better to ask in a separate thread as it's not related to this anymore.



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