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A lot of gaps in charts that are using historical data

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    A lot of gaps in charts that are using historical data


    I imported tick data into NT for this week and selected the option to generate minute bars from the imported tick data. All data correctly appears in the Historial Data tool.

    Then I downloaded data for this week for Market Replay.

    The problem I am having is that when I create a new chart (which will use the historical data to draw past prices), there are loads of gaps in all timeframes. Attaching an example of the 30min timeframe, where I can see gaps from 30mins to 18hours.

    As said, the data correctly appears in the Historical Data tool; any idea what the problem could be?

    Attaching an screenshot with the problem...
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    Hello Tronader,

    Thank you for your forum post.

    Who are you connected to? This is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the Control Center in green.

    What session template is applied to the chart?
    • Right mouse click on the chart background > "Data series..."
    • Under "Data" > "Session template"

    If you download minute data from the historical data manager as well as the tick data, does this data help to resolve the situation?
    Ryan L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Ryan,

      The session template appears as '<Use instrument settings>' and I had selected the Period (Last / Minute / 1) for the ES 12-12.

      I selected the 'File - Connect - Market Replay Connection' option so the green information on the lower left hand side says: 'connected - replay'.

      I'm starting out, so I don't have a data provider yet. What I did was to import the tick data I have and select the option to create minute data from that. Then I've check in the Edit tab of the Historical Data Manager that the minute information appears correct, all the minutes for all the days. But those same minutes after are not displayed when I create a new chart in the 30mins or 60mins timeframe for example.

      On a side note, although this is not the main problem of the post, is it possible to configure the cursor (pointer or cross air) so that it displays the day as well as the time? without it, it's difficult to make sure the correct minute data has been imported into the Historical Data Manager.

      Thank you!


        If you are not connected to Market Replay are you able to open a Minute chart for the date you have imported?

        When using the Cross Hair feature time will be displayed at the bottom of chart however to view the date you would need to open the Data Box or hold down the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) to view the mini data box.
        Christopher J.NinjaTrader Customer Service



          Thanks for the info about the pointer, really useful now.

          Yes, I am able to open a Minute chart when I am not connected, although I've noticed 2 issues:
          1. It just goes back until the 10th of October, even though I've got data until the 1st.
          2. Data is still missing in some charts and displayed in other timeframes. For example, have a look at the new attachment (missing_data_in_certain_charts.png), almost the whole day 11th is missing in the 60min timeframe even when it's simultaneously displayed in the 30min chart.

          Any idea what could be going on?

          *Editing to add another misleading example, I was using market replay in the 1min chart and then I received a massive gap (another_misleading_example.png). I don't understand the nature of this big jump.
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            Please send a note to Support [AT] NinjaTrader [DOT] com with "ATTN: Chris J" in the subject line.

            In the message, please include the following:
            1.) A link to this forum thread.
            2.) Your most current trace and log files.

            You will find the file here: My Documents > NinjaTrader 7-> Trace > trace.YYYYMMDD.txt

            Log file will be located by going to Documents->NinjaTrader 7->Log->log.YYYYMMDD.txt
            Christopher J.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Hi Guys

              I am having exactly the same problem with the ES 12-12, as an example, except that my charts looks even worse, with more gaps, missing data and 4 day weeks some of the time.
              I use Kinetick EOD, and IB for my live data feed. My issue is that the RTH and ETH charts looks exactly the same, which they shouldn't, in the Daily format. The gaps are understandable in the RTH charts but make no sense in the ETH charts, especially when the data is there in the shorter time frames such a minutes etc.



                When connected to Kinetick Daily data uses the Daily Settlements from the CME Group for Daily data therefore may have different values when compared to other providers depending what they use for price where as the minute data will retain the Open, High, Low, Close as normal.

                For information on the Daily Settlement Procedures please visit the following link:


                Also when viewing Daily data NinjaTrader will display all data that is provided by the data provider and will not reflect Session Templates times used. We have assigned this feature request ID #55 in our tracking system.
                Christopher J.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Is this also true for ZenFire?

                  I have tried multiple settings but this is what my daily looks like. If i go back to a 1 hr chart the gaps are not there.

                  How can i get the daily to display properly?
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                    Zen-Fire will use RTH data for it's daily calculations

                    If you would like ETH charts, you will need to connect to Kinetick End of Day (free) as the first connection, and then connect to Zen-Fire. Once connected, right click on your chart and select 'reload all historical data'.

                    Otherwise, you can load a 1440 minute bar chart from Zen-Fire and set the Session Template to either ETH or RTH depending on what you prefer.
                    MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


                      thanks that got it


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