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No price data on DOM

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    No price data on DOM

    Hi there,

    1) I am sorry for that very basic question - I am right now on a free licence of Ninja, with a real-time live datafeed (IQfeed) ... I pull-up the basic order entry, I see the current bid/ask level & size and can place an order.

    I pull-up a SuperDom, and there is no bid/ask information displayed at all.

    What am I missing ?

    2) I created 2 new Sim accounts (to track 2 strategies), but I can't select them on the basic entry nor the Super DOM ?

    Thanks in advance

    Hello dom993,

    Thank you for your note.

    1) To assist you seeing bid and ask information in the SuperDOM window please answer the following:
    • What instrument have you selected?
    • Do you receive data for that instrument in the Level II window?
      You can do this by clicking File > New > Level II
      Right-click on the Level II window and select Instruments
      Load an instrument and see if you get data

    2) To trade to your other accounts you will need to uncheck Global Simulation Mode. This will not be possible until you have purchased ninjatrader and are using a live license. Once you are using a live license you can disable Global Simulation Mode by clicking File > then uncheck Global Simulation Mode.

    Below I have added information about purchasing NinjaTrader.

    Purchase Options - Single Broker
    The best value when purchasing NinjaTrader is to select one of our lifetime purchase options. Alternatively you can also lease our software for a period of time that makes sense to you. We make purchasing NinjaTrader easy by providing you a choice in how you access our software...choose a plan that suits you best!

    Lifetime license for a one time payment of $995
    Lifetime license for 4 easy monthly payments of $299
    Several flexible leasing options starting as low as $50 per month
    Learn more about our purchase options!

    I look forward to assisting you further.
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      I have selected CL 03-13.
      I do not receive L2 quotes in the Level II window.

      Only Basic Entry works.


        Hello dom993,

        As you do not have data in the level II window you currently are not subscribed to level II data from you data provider. The SuperDOM requires level II data.

        Please contact IQFeed for more information on receiving Level II data.

        Do not hesitate to contact us for any other NinjaTrader inquiries you may have.
        Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          I currently have exactly the same issue as described below. Setting up futures accounts and data providers can be a very time consuming trial & error process for new users.

          I decided to add a trial live IQFeed data feed to my Ninja trial account to get data more suitable for Order Flow Analytics charts, but even though I only wanted access to the ES and contacted a representative who is familiar with the requirement, it was still guesswork to know what data to request and how to set it up.

          Its after hours now & I'm still waiting for my DOM to populate after adding optional Market Depth data to my feed. I assume it will eventually work.



            Thank you for your post.

            Can you confirm that IQFeed was able to enable Level II quotes on your trial? As long as Level II is enabled, your superDOM will populate.

            If so, which ES contract month have you entered on the superDOM? Does ES populate in other windows, such as a chart or the "Orders" tab of your Control Center?

            I look forward to your reply.
            Zach S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Hi Zach, Appreciate your prompt response.

              I added "Market Depth" data to my IQFeed trial about 2 hours ago and have restarted Ninja twice since but still no price data in the DOM (the Static & Dynamic versions look identical - that's another issue).

              I have the ES 12-14 contract populating candle & OFA charts, plus Time & Sales, but nothing on the Level II window or the DOM. I have all "linked" using the same colour.

              Entering a limit order from the Orders window results in the order being listed as working & a red "X" showing in the DOM allowing me to cancel the order, but no prices in the DOM & no other indication of the order shown in the DOM.

              If you can think of anything else that I should check that would be appreciated, otherwise I'll check with DTN as soon as they are online.

              Perhaps there's some manual intervention required from DTN for the trial data.


                Hello Ozefex,

                Can you please double check if Level II data is enabled as per your IQFeed connection with DTN. If no realtime data is received in the SuperDOM, but realtime data is received elsewhere in NinjaTrader, then it normally indicates no Level II data is enabled. I am not aware of any other causes. If the issue remains after consulting with DTN, please let us know.
                JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Hi Zach,

                  After checking with DTN support, I deleted my IQFeed connection then set it up again exactly the same way and it worked. I assume when I added the Market Depth data soon after my initial setup it somehow didn't get registered. I now have data in the DOM and Level II screen.

                  Thank you for your assistance.


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