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IB friends and family revisted

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    IB friends and family revisted

    Hi There,
    I know there have been several posts about this in the past but most date back several years ago and I am curious if there has been any updates on this.

    according to interactive brokers site:

    Q: Is Ninja Trader compatible with IB’s Financial Advisor and Friends & Family account type?
    A: Yes, although not with the full order allocation functionality provided directly through the TWS. While Ninja Trader can be used to submit orders for a client sub-account through the Advisor master account, it does not allow for a single order to be allocated to more than one sub-account. This is in contrast to the TWS user interface which provides for multi-client trade allocations from a single order (through the Account Group or Allocation Profile options).

    The desired functionality I am looking for is as follows:

    1. kinetick data feed primary connection
    2. interactive brokers master account secondary connection

    all trades routed through the master account would then use the account allocation profile setup in TWS to route orders to the sub accounts. In my situation there would only be 2 accounts. So ideally if I were to submit an order to buy 100 shares of XYZ on that primary master account, would it automatically be able to allocate 25% to one subaccount and 75% to the master?

    Thank you,

    Hello slocumtrader,

    Thanks for your post.

    At this time you still would not be able to place orders to the advisory master account to allocate your trades to each account.

    What you could use however is the Account Groups feature of NinjaTrader however with this the order will be submitted to both accounts the same, you would not be able to have separate quantities to each account.

    Below I have provided a link to the Account Groups section of our help guide for more information.
    BrandonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      I realize this is an old post but have things changed? Is it possible now?


        Nothing has changed regarding Interactive Brokers account support in NinjaTrader 7.

        In NinjaTrader 8, account groups no longer exist, so the solution below would not work, however, 'FA' accounts are now officially supported in NinjaTrader 8.


          I was reviewing the release notes for NT8 and see that includes beta support for IB linked accounts such as found in a Financial Advisor or Friends and Family account scenario.

          Can you supply any more details on specifically how "Linked Account support" is implemented in NT8 so that I can evaluate whether or not an investment in development for NT8 will be able to meet my objectives?

          I know they have an advisor account demo, but before I spend too much time, I wanted to see if there were any more details on how it works in practice.


            For reference, here are the release notes:


            It is true that the beta feature now supports linked accounts.

            You also contacted us via email with this exact question. I'll provide my response here for others to see, however, further replies will be sent via email:
            Advisor/FA/Family accounts are supported in NinjaTrader 8 without needing to use the beta version. The general details of order entry are as follows:
            • When an order on the master FXXXX0 account is executed, it will be allocated to the individual sub-accounts per logic on IB's back end which can be configured in TWS. The quantity configuration of the individual client UXXXX accounts in NinjaTrader have NO bearing over how the orders are allocate
            • ATM Strategies are NOT supported on the Master FXXXX0 account
            • NinjaScript strategies on the Master FXXXX Account is NOT supported.
              • You can only use ATM Strategies on the individual client UXXXX accounts
              • The same base behavior occurs on a NinjaScript strategy as ATM Strategies.
            I expect linked accounts to behave the same as the current FA accounts do as the code is the same. If you notice discrepancies, please report them via email.
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              When will it be effective and not beta?


                We have no timeline on when the newer IB API will be out of beta


                  Patrick -

                  You mention:
                  • ATM Strategies are NOT supported on the Master FXXXX0 account
                  Will this be supported in future releases of NT8? Is it available in I ask because this is something I feel Advisors would very much like to have, especially for speculative futures trading.

                  I have an Interactive Brokers F&F Advisor account, and I want to be able to execute trades for the Master account - to be equally applied to each sub-account (allocations handled by IB) - but all should have the same ATM from the active ATM used in the DOM. Trade management is incredibly important, and I don't want to have to manually place Stop-Loss and Target brackets for each account.

                  Is there a workaround way to ensure sub-accounts inherit the active ATM from the entry order placed on the Advisor account? How would this be executed?


                    Chelsea will be responding to you in the thread you started on this topic here:



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