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Is a 1 core VM enough to run NT and TS and Windows 7 ?

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    Is a 1 core VM enough to run NT and TS and Windows 7 ?


    I'm looking at hosting my trading system on a VPS, similar to the hosting servcies that Mirus Futures offers. I am assuming these services use VM's to share the resources of a quad-core PC? Would it be fine to run just TradeStation and NinjaTrader (just 2 programs/apps and no other programs) on a Windows 7 OS on just "1 core"? Or must I choose a 2 core VPS hosting solution/service?

    I run NT and TS on W7 on a dual-core i5 CPU laptop and my CPU usage across the 2 cores is between 1% to 3% (so i hardly use any CPU resouces), does this mean my set-up should be fine running on a "one core" VPS hosting service? (as a one core hosting service is half the price of a two core hosting service).

    Thank you in advance.

    Hello Rocket130713,

    You would meet the minimum system requirements for both NinjaTrader and TradeStation.

    TS: http://www.tradestation.com/trading-...m-requirements
    NT: http://www.ninjatrader.com/installation-guide.php

    So you should be able to run it yes but the performance may depend on how many charts and calculations that you are going to be using on this for this.
    JCNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank you for your reply.

      I'm now just thinking of using ninja by itself to do auto trading. So i would just be running ninja on a Windows 2003 server and not be running any other apps on the server.

      would ninja run ok on just 1 single thread ("half" a core)? Where the thread has a clock speed of 2.4 Ghz. For example, many public cloud hosting companies lease out VM's hosted on just 1 thread (which is half a core on a Xeon 2.4 Ghz CPU), as this is a low price option.

      or would i have to run Ninja (and windows server) on "one" single core (that has 2 threads via hyper-threading).

      or must i run ninja (and windows 2003 server) on "two" cores.

      the min requirements you listed in above link does not say how many "threads" or "cores" is required in order to run ninja on windows 2003 server successfully.

      thank you in advance. much appreciated.

      Kind regards, rod


        Rod, as JC stated it should operate normally however performance would be likely limited since everything including basic OS tasks is going to be sharing that single thread. So working from the min processor we spec as P4 with has 2 threads with HT, I would not go below that really. But I'm not sure how heavy your setup used would be, so testing would be needed as performance seen can be too individual to make a general recommendation here.
        BertrandNinjaTrader Customer Service


          thank you for reply. Would ninja run ok on a 1 core VM? or must i use a 2 core VM?



            NinjaTrader is a multi-threaded application which will utilize the multiple cores available. As Bertrand stated, the lower in thread/core count the less you are going to see in PC performance.

            The minimum specifications for NinjaTrader 7 are a Pentium 4 processor as this has hyper threading and the ability to process NinjaTraders request more efficiently.
            Cal H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Cloud Hosting?

              Is cloud hosting an option for NT? I will be running lots of strategies ~ 40.


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