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Exporting price data and rollover data

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    Exporting price data and rollover data

    Hey all,

    Is it possible to export ALL price data (let's assuming new NT program has all instruments in its list already) at once (vs one at a time via export utility)?.

    Also a related question. Where are the futures roll-over dates etc found and can they too be exported - either as a group OR individually, grouped by security name.



    Thank you for your post
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to export the data of multiple instruments at the same time.

    Roll over date settings are held within the NinjaTrader database. It is not possible to export these settings from the NinjaTrader database.

    If other questions come up which I could assist with please let me know.
    KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


      So Kyle, could I just copy the entire 'db' folder then?



        I would recommend copying only the 'NinjaTrader.sdf' file from within the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > DB folder. (the database itself)
        KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thanks, i'll see how it works out. I assume that particular file does both data and roll-over info?


            The database does not contain historical data. Historical data is saved in the tick, minute and day folders within the db folder that holds the database.
            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


              C'mon guys lets get on the same page here. It's a straight forward question with half-baked answers being offered.

              first answer = No you can't.

              then.........well yeah you can do XXX if you want too but no detail as to which of the two questions we're referring to...??

              So lets start here.

              "I would recommend copying only the 'NinjaTrader.sdf"..

              OK great, so WHAT does that do? Roll-overs OR data?

              By the looks of the seconds answer it is roll-overs?? but I'm not going to start fooling around until i do know.

              So, if "Historical data is saved in the tick, minute and day folders within the db folder that holds the database. "

              Does this then mean i can just copy that stuff for the data (maybe all sub-folders of db folder -tick, minute etc) as i asked before, when the answer was previously "no"..but...?

              We're going in circles.

              I don't want to do anything BUT data and roll-over and I am staring at a db folder with obvious data and also wondering where the roll-over info is as well..and if it is at all possible. Is that the "NinjaTrader.sdf" file??


                Hello Steve,

                Thanks for your reply.

                The ninjatrader.sdf file contains many items and specific items can not be extracted. You can copy this file from one computer and paste it into another to transfer it's settings. Doing this would overwrite these settings from the computer that you are placing it in.
                The ninjatrader.sdf file contains ATM Strategy templates, Session templates, Instrument Lists / Custom Instruments, historical trade execution data, and various other NinjaTrader things

                The Tick, Minute, and Day folders do contain the historical data from your NinjaTrader. The Data folder contains Market Replay data. It is possible to copy these from one computer and transfer to another.

                The best way that I would recommend to do this however would be with the NinjaTrader backup utility.
                To do this you would disconnect and go to File> Utilities> Backup
                To save all of your historical data you would need to check Historical Chart Data. To save the ninjatrader.sdf file you would need to check Database (Historical Trade Data).
                By default when you run the backup it will be saved to the NinjaTrader Backup folder under your Documents, named with today's date.
                You then could transfer this 1 file to the other computer and within NinjaTrader go to File> Utilities> Restore

                I believe this will be the best alternative as a way to export all historical at once and the ninjatrader.sdf file which include the rollover settings for your instruments.

                Below I have provided a link to our NinjaTrader 7 Tips - Backing Up Settings To A Second PC YouTube video
                BrandonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                  that's what i am looking for bro. Complete insight to the specific questions.

                  I run back-up all the time but don't want to change the entire 2nd system settings which have a lot of different settings that I want to keep and not over-write, thus the specific Q's.



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