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Hotkey and Qty. field on the DOM, Chart Trader etc.

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    Hotkey and Qty. field on the DOM, Chart Trader etc.

    Not sure if anyone has raised this before but I would really like to see some changes.

    1) I have a programmable keyboard and am able to enter trades using hotkeys. This works well for the most part. I do have a major irritation however.

    - I enter the trade with chart trader displayed albeit using a hotkey to open the trade.

    - I would like to be able to change the quantity field (DOM and Chart Trader) value using hotkeys. At the moment I am having to use a mouse to do this which is very irritating if you want to scale out of a position and constantly have to take your hands off the keyboard to adjust the quantity value.

    2) I often manage the trade with the DOM right next to the chart rather that use chart trader.

    - Even though I have am trading the same instrument, the Qty field value can be different between Chart Trader and the DOM. This has caused me to make order errors more than once since it is easy to be too focused on the qty value in one window (Chart Trader typically), switch to using the DOM and forget to adjust the qty value there before placing the next order.

    - Is there ever going to be a way to synchronize the qty value between the two order screens?

    3) I have played with AutoHotKey (third party product) in an effort to botch a solution without success because I don't have the knowledge to program that well enough I suspect. If the windows are moved then AutoHotKey doesn't do what it is supposed to. It just seems that there should be functionality built in to Ninja for this to be robust.

    4) It would be nice to have default quantities configured somewhere for a particular instrument. If that were accessible via a hotkey too then I would be happy.

    Hello MBScalper,

    Thank you for writing in. I have created a feature request for the following features to be implemented:

    1) Ability to change the quantity field (DOM and Chart Trader) value using hotkeys
    2) Ability to link the Chart Trader and SuperDOM order quantities
    3) Ability to configure default quantities per instrument (w/hotkey)
    4) Overall more robust hotkey management system

    I will update this thread if and once I have further information.

    Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.
    Michael M.NinjaTrader Quality Assurance


      Thank you

      I really think this will improve order entry and management.


        That's funny! I "just" emailed support asking almost the exact same thing! Do these features take long to implement once a request has been made? Agree with the poster. This is a very important feature. I want to be able to use hotkeys to instantly buy, sell, and close my positions... However, sometimes (most actually) I like to simply sell/cover 1/2 or 1/3rd.



          We will wait to see if support can answer how long this feature might take. maybe it will end up in NT8 instead of NT7 (nice if it were in both mind).

          I do the same thing as you I suspect with my orders.

          I buy 6 contracts using a hotkey (Chart window active and ChartTrader displayed).

          I move to the DOM making that window active to manage my trade.

          It would be nice if the Qty field on the DOM still had 6 in the quantity field since I often exit quickly (especially if I am wrong) with a limit order and I want the qty to be exactly what the initial order qty was from the Chart window.

          If the market goes in my direction (e.g. up) then I will scale out incrementally, placing Stop Limit Orders above the market. I want to change the qty in the DOM using the same hotkey. I want the qty field in the Chart Trader to reflect any change made in the DOM.

          This makes perfect sense to me since I am trading the same instrument in both windows. Right now I have to double check my qty field value on the DOM each time since I can forget easily it recent value. Also, having to use the mouse to alter the quantity is fiddly and time consuming.

          Glad I am not alone.
          Last edited by MBScalper; 10-06-2015, 04:37 AM.


            Just one extra thought / request when it comes to hotkeys....

            - Lets say I have a 6 contract long or short position.

            - It would be great to have a hotkey that sets the quantity field value to whatever the current position value is (i.e. 6 in my example).

            I appreciate the minimum value for the field is 1. I guess it would be ok to default 1 if you have no active position.


              Hello MBScalper,

              Your feature requests are being tracked in SFT-744, SFT-745 and SFT-746. It is unlikely that any new feature requests will make it into NinjaTrader 7 as the primary focus of the development team is on NinjaTrader 8 at this time. I cannot guarantee that these features will or will not make it into a future release of the platform.

              Thank you for your patience and please let me know if I may be of further assistance anytime.
              Michael M.NinjaTrader Quality Assurance


                Thank you Michael for your reply.

                I have started to experiment with Ninjatrader 8 now so I guess I will begin to move my developments in that direction given your comments.

                As for Hotkeys... I have experimented a lot with them now. There are some things that I think are missing from NT8 hotkey functionality.

                At the moment a trader still needs to use a combination of mouse and keyboard irrespective of whether you define hotkeys or not.

                Missing HOTKEY functionality as I see it is as follows:

                1) Quantity:

                Not able to alter the quantity value for your next order with hotkeys. This can only be done currently with the mouse. 'Quantity Up' and 'Quantity Down' keys are necessary.

                2a) Cancel Offers
                2b) Cancel Bids
                2c) Cancel Orders currently at Bid or Ask

                We can cancel all orders with a single key but the above three functions would be really useful.

                3) Move Manual ATM Strategy Target Order Up / Down

                This can be done on the DOM or chart using a mouse but not with hotkeys. Again the keyboard trader is forced to use a mouse.

                4) Move Manual ATM Strategy Stop Order Up / Down

                This can be done on the DOM or chart using a mouse but not with hotkeys. Once again the keyboard trader is forced to use a mouse.

                Issues with trading using Multiple Order Windows open for the same instrument (e.g. DOM / Chart Trader)

                5) I think it would be a good idea for the quantity field value to be synchronized on the Chart Trader and DOM if both order entry screens point at the same instrument.

                I have made some mistakes when placing orders as a result of getting mixed up in my mind over the last quantity value I set in the quantity field on a particular order entry screen. This might not be such a problem if you use the mouse all the time since you are probably going to have to look at that area of the screen anyway. I trade with a keyboard and want to set the quantity once and not care whether I place the order through the DOM or chart trader.

                6) Optional Global Hotkeys for Order Entry

                At the moment if you want to place an order through the DOM then the DOM dialog screen must have the focus for my hotkey to work. I am often working with analysis on the chart when I immediately want to place a trade. I either have to place the trade using chart trader or mess with the mouse again, move to the DOM and then use my keyboard to place a trade.

                Global Hotkeys as an option would allow me to place the trade instantly without the DOM having focus or having to use chart trader.


                  Hi MBScalper,

                  Thanks for your suggestions, I can certainly appreciate the value of them to keyboard-oriented users in particular. I passed those along to the development team for consideration.
                  Alex C.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                    Hi There,

                    Just want to add my vote for these feature requests. Would very much love to see them make their way into NinjaTrader. Thanks!


                      All hotkey feature requests have been consolidated into SFT-2386. I'll add your vote(s).
                      Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                        Please add my vote for MBScalper's hotkey improvement suggestions for both NT7/NT8. Of particular interest is the ability to increase and decrease Order Qty value by hotkey in both Chart Trader and DOM.


                          I've added your votes, Lancer.
                          Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                            Is there any news about when this might be implemented?

                            I'd love to be able to scale in & out of positions with hotkeys, which apparently is not currently supported (unless anyone has a hack for it).



                              Thank you for your post.

                              Unfortunately, we do not have an exact timeline for the implementation of this.

                              When a feature request is implemented, you'll find it in the release notes:


                              Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.
                              Dennis E.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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