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Lost (and cannot download) tick data for one contract

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    Lost (and cannot download) tick data for one contract


    Long-ish post.

    Sometime, during a historical data reload (I think), I lost tick data I had for CL 10-16. Not all of the tick data - only the tick data for the days I had it as the active CL contract (8/19 to 9/18).

    When I delete the only days that are left (9/19, 9/20) then go back and try and download all of 8/19 forward, only 9/19 and 9/20 show up. Obviously, this has something to do with the dates for rollover.

    To fix, I tried changing the rollover dates, bypassing 10-16 altogether and setting the 11-16 rollover date to 8/19. I then deleted all the September data for CL 10-16.

    NinjaTrader didn't like this. It crashed and, on re-load, continues to crash. Actually, you can see all of NT and my most recent workspace load up in the background, but the "your program has crashed" box stays up and you can't do anything in NT.

    I knew what you guys were going to say about this - reset the database. I changed DB I had to NinjaTrader.Old and re-started. I was able to bring NT back up and load up a backup I did on 9/23.

    Problem here is that I've now lost live trades that I did on 9/25 and 9/26. I'd really like to get these back because, without them, my statistics are all effed up. Plus the trade marks on my chart are screwy.

    Please help me here. I don't like to hear "we can't fix your database". I also keep months of tick data so deleting my historical data is absolutely out of the question.


    Thanks for your post.

    I'd like to see your log and trace files. Please send me a note to platformsupport (at) ninjatrader (dot) com. Attach your most current log and trace files to the email, and put a link to this forum post in the body of the email. Please note "ATTN: Drew" in the body of the response.

    You will find the log file on your PC in the (My) Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Log folder.

    The log file will be named "log.20160927.txt"

    You will find the trace file on your PC in the (My) Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Trace folder.

    The trace file will be named "trace.20160927.txt"

    I look forward to hearing from you.


      Found "bug"

      Fellas (and devs),

      In fixing this problem, I uncovered what may be a bug that you guys might be able to fix.

      What I had done was delete the roll date and offset for CL 10-16. I then made the roll date for CL 11-16 the date I had been using for CL 10-16 (which was 9/18/16). Note that CL 10-16 had been used in a chart where CL 9-16, CL 10-16, and CL 11-16 were all stitched together.

      When I re-started NT, this caused what appears to be an unhandled exception (according to the trace file).

      I was able to get back in with Drew's help using an untitled workspace. I got into the Instrument Manager and added back a roll date for CL 10-16, and adjusted CL 11-16 to follow. Everything worked after that.

      Perhaps you guys will be able to update the NT7 code (assuming you're still working on this) to fix this problem (it really isn't that big of a problem), or prevent this sort of thing from happening in NT8.


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