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tick chart does not start on Monday

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    tick chart does not start on Monday

    I always start up my PC, TWS (IB) and NT at Sunday evening at approx 23.45.
    But my tick charts (ES and FTI) don't start "running" on Monday morning.
    When I check the Historical data, no tick data is registered. Only when I for example make a new chart (on monday after 8.00), then this chart runs. The other tick charts have to be refreshed then (change the tick period and then change it back to the original period).
    What is going wrong?

    Hello Trail,

    Thank you for writing in.

    Can you please clarify if your PC goes in to a "Hibernate" or "Sleep" mode after a certain period of time?

    I am looking forward to your response.
    Alan P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Alan,
      My PC never goes to sleep or hibernation.
      Even my display is never shut off, only dimmed.


        Hello Trail,

        I will need to see your log and trace for today look further into this inquiry.

        Could you please send me your log and trace files from within NinjaTrader. Go to Control Center-->Help-->EMail Support in NinjaTrader. Put 'Att AlanP', in the subject field and enable 'Log and trace files'.

        I look forward to your message.
        Alan P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Email is sent.


            Originally posted by trail View Post
            Hi Alan,
            My PC never goes to sleep or hibernation.
            Even my display is never shut off, only dimmed.
            You should be fine with display shut off in NT7. I've haven't experienced an issue on my laptops. Have you experienced otherwise?

            NT8 - the charts appear to stop at some point, and appear to update when I grab and move them with a mouse.

            Running Nvidia/Intel HD here over the years... Can't vouch for AMD side of things...


              I haven't had any negative experiences with shutting down my screen.
              It's just to be sure that nothing will disturb the gathering of tick data.
              And besides that, when my display is shut off, it takes too much time to work again when I walk buy my pc and have a quick look at my charts and strats.
              I guess I'm a little impatient.


                We have received your log and trace files and will follow up with you by email.
                Patrick H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  This weekend I did an upgrade to the latest version of NT7.

                  Checking some things this morning, I noticed this:
                  When I opened the Data Series from the tick chart this Monday morning (before the opening of the markets), I saw that the field "End Date" was still 8-1-2017.
                  So I did a test:
                  - from 1 tick chart I changed this date to today: 9-1-2017
                  - and in another tick chart I left it to 8-1-2017.
                  At 8.00 am, the chart with the changed date (to today) started running right away.
                  The chart with the unchanged End date didn't do anything.
                  As soon as I changed the End Date of this chart, also this tick chart started running.
                  So it looks like it has something to do with this End date that isn't updates automatically.
                  Strange thing is that on other days I think I don't have this problem, so only after the weekend.
                  Could this be caused by false server information? Or isn't this End date updated by the NT servers?

                  For your information: I also use my own Session templates.


                    Hello trail,

                    Thank you for your response.

                    We have seen this in the case of using Market Replay and then switching to the live market after saving the workspace while Market Replay was running.

                    Do you run Market Replay on the weekends or before you see this behavior? If so, remember to change the End Date back to the current date in these cases.

                    Please let me know if you have any questions.
                    Patrick H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                      No, I never use Market Replay so that can't be the problem.


                        This morning I checked the charts again.
                        Before opening (8.00) of the markets the End date was 9-1-2017 in both charts.
                        After the opening the charts started running and the End date was automatically changed to 10-1-2017.
                        So now everything works good. But Monday I will have problems again.

                        Do you have a clue yet?


                          Hello Trail,

                          Which time zone are you in? Does your windows PC clock reflect this time zone? For example, in London but have PC time set to NY?

                          This could be a chart template issue.

                          Please shut down Ninjatrader.

                          On the Desktop right click>New Folder.

                          Next go to My Documents>NT7>Templates>Chart Series. Click and drag all files and then right click>Cut. Then move to the desktop folder and paste those files in there. Launch NT.

                          In each chart, right click >Data Series and click on End Date. Then click Today as I've circled in the attached screen shot. Hit apply/okay and save the workspace.

                          I look forward to your reply.
                          Attached Files
                          Alan P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                            I have just sent you a mail with information about my session template.
                            I made my own session template because when I use "Use instrument settings", the charts stop around 18.15. But they should run till 22.00 u. Can you tell me which session template I should use with the FTI (AEX future)? Maybe the 24/7?
                            This weekend I will try your solution and see what happens monday morning.


                              Btw, the timezone on my PC is the usual for The Netherlands:
                              (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlijn, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Wenen


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