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Market Replay Speed Not working

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    Market Replay Speed Not working


    When I increase market replay speed on NT7, there seems to be little to no effect recently. 500x increases the speed to maybe 5x. I'm a little puzzled by this. Anybody else have this issue?

    Hello OGUFTrader,

    Thank you for your post,

    I was able to test this on my end and do see a difference in the speeds.

    To troubleshoot the situation, you may take the following steps to force NinjaTrader to start without your saved workspace(s).

    This will allow us to determine if the issue is isolated to your workspace, or NinjaTrader in general.

    Note: this will not remove any settings or data.

    Also, please refrain from loading any third partying indicator or add-ons or chart templates at first, as they may be related to the issue.

    1. Shut down NinjaTrader
    2. Navigate to the folder (My) Documents\NinjaTrader 7\workspaces
    3. Delete the file named "_Workspaces.XML".
    4. Right click on "Untitled1.xml"
    5. Select Rename
    6. Rename it to "Untitiled1 Old.xml"
    7. After deleting and renaming the files above, restart NinjaTrader which should startup without any workspaces

    Open a new chart (File > New > Chart) without any indicators or add-ons loaded and test for issue. Make sure to select <None> from the bottom right "Load the following chart drop-down menu" so the chart is loaded without these items. Also change the Type drop-down menu to a default option such as Minute or Day.

    First, connect to Market Replay and right click on the replay slider and select "Available data." Take note of the instrument, expiry (TF 12-15) and the times of day you have access to replay. Close the Available data window.
    Make sure the charts you're viewing are open to the same instrument and expiry as listed in the Available Data window.

    Next, right click on the replay slider again and select "Go to." Enter the time and data and press OK. Wait until you see data populated prior to pressing the play button and increasing speed.

    If no issues on this new workspace, please try opening the previous workspace by going to File--> Workspaces--> Open workspace.

    If this reintroduces issues, I would suggest rebuilding your workspace, adding 1 indicator at a time. Please keep track of what indicators you add back in so that we can narrow down what indicator is causing the issue if the issue returns. I also suggest making a backup of your workspace so we can restore a backup if the issue returns.

    Let me know if I may assist further.
    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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