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Phantom execution

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    Phantom execution

    How would you feel if Ninja reported that you were in a position you never entered and that you were 15 points (S&P emini) in the wrong direction?

    That is what happened to me.

    Look at the sequence of events.

    6 August

    8.03 sell 10 at 1278.50
    8.11 buy 10 at 1278.75 (Note this price!)
    Position now flat.
    ( FYI, I use a 2 point profit and stop bracket. Therefore the profit target for this trade would have been 1276.50 and the stop 1280.50, neither are anywhere near the execution price at exit of 1278.75 )

    Ninja still runnning

    connection lost at 10.07

    Reconnect at 10.08

    The dome is now reporting 10 contracts short at 1265. The price at that time was around 1280

    Note from log:

    6/08/2008 10:08:46 PM|1|2|Mirus: Primary connection=Connected, Price feed=Connected
    6/08/2008 10:08:47 PM|1|64|Instrument='ES 09-08' Account='Sim101' Avg price=1265 Quantity=10 Market position=Short

    I was initially told by support that this was a an inflight execution.

    I understand what an inflight execution is. What happened in this case simply does not fit the description of an inflight execution for two reasons; the sequence of events and the the price points. More disturbingly, there is a position reported in the log that never actually existed and became the catalyst for the disaster that followed

    Where did the short position of 1265, 15 points from current price, come from? This figure does not relate to anything. Price had not been anywhere near that position all day. The last time price had been there was about 12.30 AM that morning, about 22 hours earlier.

    So how could this possibly be an inflight execution?

    So the dome is telling me I am 15 points the wrong way on 10 contracts, over $7000 loss. But the position tab is telling me I am flat. Which one do I believe? What would you do?

    Hoping that it was some database corruption I quit the program and started up again but it was still there. I hit the close button. I should now be flat. And this is where it gets really weird.

    I should now be flat. The dome now reports flat but the position tab tells me I am now 10 long at 1280.5. Once again, which one is right? Closing the reported short position has in fact entered me at market in a long position.

    When I reopen on 8/8 at 3.21 the dome and position tab report I am now about 9 points the wrong side of current price of 1271. I hit close and see a reported loss of $4795.

    Are you still telling me this is an inflight execution? What happened to the short position at 1265 that was reported in the log and on the dome? It seems that it never really existed. Why didn't closing the position do just that? How can I know if a reported position is real or a phantom?

    I don't think this has anything to do with inflight execution. I think it is some sort of corruption caused by the break in the data feed. Either way it is a catastrophic fault the needs urgent attention. I need an explanation.

    My last reply from support is that the disconnection possibly corrupted the database. Terrific!! So the dome and the position tab can give conflicting information. What should I do? Toss a coin?


    Richard Neal

    PS. I have repaired the database but of course it is to late for that the damage has been done


    Thank you for your note.

    Please send us your trace and log files from Help>mail to support. Please paste the text of your post below in the body of the email for reference.

    I will look into this and see if I can see anything new.
    DenNinjaTrader Customer Service


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