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    re: trailing stops


    I just have a question in reference to how to set a trailing stop without a profit target for the exit. I have read the manual and watched a lot of videos but have not come across a simple how to tutorial that goes over what I need.

    For example, I am planning to go long. Here are the parameters.

    Layer one of ATM strategy
    1. 10 tick stop loss.
    2. market moves up 15 ticks
    3. stop loss one moves up 22 ticks.

    Layer two of ATM Strategy
    1. a move up +14 ticks will trigger #2
    2. stop loss to be moved up 11 ticks from last stop loss point.
    3. I would want to set layer two to be constantly going until the market stops me out. So techinically, if the market moves upward infinitely, my stop would be infinitely moved as well.

    I tried figuring this out on my own, but having professional help would really be alot easier as the ATM window is kind of confusing for me. Also I am using this for ninja trader 7 any help or advice would realllly be appreciated! Thank you in advance


    Thanks for posting.

    I have included a screenshot of your desired Parameters:

    How this will work is after 15 ticks in your favor, the first step in your Auto Trail will activate. This will move to adjust the Stop Loss order to a 3 tick offset from current price, or 22 ticks in your favor. A frequency setting of "999" ensures this move only happens once. After an additional 14 ticks, at 29 ticks in your favor, the second step of your Auto Trail will activate. This will move the Stop Loss to a 7 tick offset, or an additional 11 ticks in your favor. A frequency setting of "1" would cause this move to happen again after each tick in your favor.

    Below I have provided links to the Auto Breakeven and Auto Trail sections of our help guide.
    Auto Breakeven:
    Auto Trail:

    Below I have provided a link to the ATM Level I & II recorded trainings from our YouTube channel.
    ATM Level I:
    ATM Level II:


      Wow!! Ok thanks I am going to try this out now on some historical data! I really appreciate your timely response and help! You ROCK!

      Also I am kind of confused when it comes to the quantity portion. It seems to be set at one, but is the quantity portion in reference to one contract? so lets say that I put a buy order for 5 contracts and the first level of stop order is triggered. Would quantity need to be set at 5 to get rid of all 5 contracts? Im not 100% sure but that portion is there for scaling in or out of order rights?



        Thanks for your reply post.

        Correct, the Quantity setting in the SuperDOM would determine how many contracts are traded. Your particular ATM strategy only has one target, so when you set the Quantity to "5" the ATM will automatically use a "5" quantity as well to be sure all your position is flattened completely when the ATM is activated.


          Got it! Ok so I am back-testing this strategy and it for some reason it does not set a initial 10 tick stop therefore nullifying layer one of my atm strategy.

          when I buy at market, it seems that it puts an initial stop at 10ticks but the moment it the market moves 1 tick, the trailing stop updates to 3 ticks behind market price. I would like a 10 or 5 tick initial stop. then once the market moves 15 ticks in my favor I would like the atm strategy to move 3 ticks behind market price. I think we are getting very close here :P


            Wait a minute! So Sorry! Please disregard! I forgot to add a couple of numbers!


              Hi Drew, I have another question. Lets say if i wanted to use the auto reverse function one day. The trailing stop would first get rid of my position and reverse the position? If this is the case, does that mean the trailing stop strategy is still in effect when it comes to the reversed position? Also, does the reverse function just work for one trade or will it continue til I say so? Just curious :P


                Thank you for your reply,

                Yes, the Auto Reverse is set to reverse the position when the last price reaches the stop loss or profit targets, the stop strategy will be placed on the reversed position as well.

                This will continue to work as long as these options are checked. See the below section of our help guide for more information.

                Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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