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Two computers / different data

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    Two computers / different data


    I have NT 7 set up on two separate laptops( they are exactly the same).
    I am running two identical charts with the same indicators and strategies (on demo mode).
    I have found that the indicator data varies between laptops. What could be the reason for that?
    The only difference between laptops is the time they are set one is US time the other is Europe time. Could that have an influence on the data?

    This is really important to me because i do not know which data to trust?!

    Please help me out

    Hello Rawheritage,

    If indicator values are different, it indicates historical data is different. I assume the indicators use the exact same indicator settings.

    Can you please right click in each chart and select 'Reload All Historical Data'. Check if you now have the same indicator values.

    I do not see the different time zones related. I assume you take in mind the time zone difference when comparing the data in the charts.

    Do you connect to the same data feed/broker connection in each NinjaTrader 7 instance?
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank you. I have reloaded the data. but nothing changes. the indicators are the same. Im confused.
      When i go live how will this work? will there still be a difference?


        Can you please tell me what indicator shows different values. If you apply a SMA indicator with the same settings in the charts, do you see different SMA values as well?

        Do you see different price bars in the chart? Indicators are calculated on the price bars of the chart. If indicator values differ then historical data is likely different.

        What instrument (+ expiry month) do you have selected in the charts and what interval (minute, tick, range, etc)?

        I am not sure what causes the difference at this point, so I am not sure if it will happen if you connect to a live account.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service



          I think i may have the answer to the difference between results.

          Could you please confirm if this is a possibility.
          Firstly I am running the charts on NTRenkoCandle and the indicators that were different were SMA, EMA.
          I also started running the second computers chart 7 days after the other one. So I think the answer is that the historical data was slightly different therefore if i had SMA 20 they even out after some time because the historical data is the same.

          If this is true then my second question is if i go live does that mean i should also wait a few days for historical data to be true?


            There can be slight differences between realtime data and historical data. Please see the link below under 'Understanding why a chart can look different after reloading historical data from the server' that explains why.

            If I understand correctly, 1 chart has last weeks data loaded as realtime data (1st computer). The new chart has last weeks data loaded as historical data (2nd computer). Because of the slight differences in data, indicators report different values as well.

            However you should get the same indicator values if you right click in both charts and select 'Reload All Historical Data' at the same time. This way all data in the chart is loaded as historical data.

            If this does not clarify the issue, do you have the same value for 'Days to load' in both charts? If not, please load the same amount of historical data and compare indicator values again.
            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


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