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NT7 lost strategies- Help

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    NT7 lost strategies- Help

    All my strategies disappeared this morning when I opened NT7. I can see this message in the log, one for every strategy which has disappeared

    18/10/2017 07:32:42 Default Unable to restore strategy 'NinjaTrader.Strategy.aaSMATrendLive' with ID 'a7ed62466f8a45ae867ddc406a56ae15'. Most likely this strategy no longer is supported by the custom assemblies.

    Any ideas what has happened or how I get them back without re-programming them all in?

    Help much appreciated!

    Thanks for your post.

    This error occurs when NinjaTrader tries to restore a strategy that existed in the Control Center Strategies grid (or a chart) from its database but the strategy code is no longer present.

    Unfortunately the only way to get your strategies back is to:
    a) Find the files on your computer. The recycle bin is always a great place to start.
    b) Restore NinjaTrader from a backup that contained the strategy.
    c) Restore from a Windows backup created while the strategy was on the computer.

    If you find a backup file for NinjaTrader, you can import it back into the platform by going to Control Center>File>Utilities>Restore and then selecting your backup file from the directory.

    If you discover that you have a Windows backup created while the strategy existed on your computer, please follow Microsoft's preferred method for restoring your backup file. I have included a link to the publicly available backup and restore section of their help guide below.

    If you are unable to locate a backup of your strategy files, you will likely want to remove the error message from your log. A reset of your database will remove the message for you. Please follow the instructions below to reset the NinjaTrader database. (This can take longer depending on the size of your database file and your system.)

    1) Disconnect NinjaTrader from any open connections via File > Disconnect.
    2) From the NinjaTrader Control Center window select the menu Tools > Options.
    3) Select the 'Data' tab.
    4) Press the 'Reset DB' button.
    5) Press the 'OK' button.

    The following data will be removed.
    • Historical orders.
    • Historical executions.
    • Historical ATM strategy data.
    • Saved Strategy Analyzer backtest results.

    The following data will be maintained.
    • ATM strategy templates.
    • Historical chart data.

    Please feel free to write in with any additional NinjaTrader items we may assist with.
    Josh G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Josh

      Thanks. Any idea what I could have done to make this happen? I just shut down Ninja in the normal way last night. I'm not aware I deleted anything to make this happen. I just don't want it to happen again that's all (there's over 100+ strategies to re-program the parameters for!!)



        I understand your frustration completely.

        This situation can happen for a few different reasons:

        1) The first scenario would be, you have written a NinjaScript and have used it on a chart or in your workspace in general. Then you saved your workspace and went back in to edit the NinjaScript. Lets say you change one of the variables in your NinjaScript file, for example you had a 8 period SMA and then you changed it to a 6 period SMA. You then save the NinjaScript file with these changes but never save your workspace again. The next time you open your workspace the platform will be attempting to load everything the way it was when you saved it, including that 8 period SMA that you changed. So as far as the platform is concerned, that NinjaScript is missing.
        If this turns out to be the case, then you can resolve by compiling the NinjaScript through the NinjaScript Editor, saving the templates for the strategy, and then saving the workspaces used.

        2) The next possible scenario is antivirus software, registry cleaners, and other simliar software. CCleaner is a common culprit in this situation. This software will sometimes confuse the file for something that needs to be quarantined or otherwise removed from the computer.

        3) The other likely scenario comes into play if you share your workstation with anyone else. Maybe the file was deleted, overwritten, or moved without your knowledge.

        This list is by no means every possible scenario, just the most likely.

        Please let me know if you have any further questions.
        Last edited by NinjaTrader_JoshG; 10-18-2017, 08:26 AM.
        Josh G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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