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Addon to connect NinjaTrader with InteractiveBrokers Family and Friends Account

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    Addon to connect NinjaTrader with InteractiveBrokers Family and Friends Account

    I resendly created a family and friends account with Interactive Brokers (IB).
    With this account you can combine several sub accounts to trade them together. So atm I have three accounts:
    Fxxxx --> Masteraccount
    Uxxxxx --> First sub Account
    Uyyyyy --> Second sub Account

    When you choose in IB 'Alle' then the trades are split between all accounts according to the amount of money on the account. You can also make groups so in the example 'PZ SZ' is Uxxxx and U yyyy together.

    Uxxxx --> 300,000 Euro
    Uyyyy --> 700,000 Euro

    When you buy 10 contracts CL for example and would go with 'PZ SZ' then on Uxxxx 3 contracts would be traded and 7 on Uyyyy.

    My problem is now when I connect with NT to IB I can trade all single accounts but its not possible to click 'Alle' or 'PZ SZ'

    I contacted the support and they told me it could be programmed because the IB API gives this information.

    Has anybody an addon that can do this or can programm it?
    I would be clad if you could contact me to talk about the price.

    I also attached a picture to makes things more clear.

    Best wishes
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    Hello TZoell,

    This thread will remain open for any community members that would like to create this for you.

    You can also contact a professional NinjaScript Consultant who would be eager to create or modify this script at your request or assist you with your script. The NinjaTrader Ecosystem has affiliate contacts who provide educational as well as consulting services. Please let me know if you would like our business development follow up with you with a list of affiliate consultants who would be happy to create this script or any others at your request.
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Chelsea,

      thanks for the answer.
      Would be nice if you can send me a list with people that could da that.


        Hello TZoell,

        You can search our extensive library of NinjaScript consultants through the link below. Simply enter a consultant name or search by using our filter categories. Once you have identified your consultants of choice, please visit each consultant's site for more information or contact them directly to learn more:You can locate the contact information for the consultants on their direct websites for any additional questions you may have. Since these consultants are third-party services for NinjaTrader, all pricing and support information will need to be obtained through the consultant.

        The NinjaTrader Ecosystem website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell a futures contract or make any other type of investment decision. The companies and services listed on this website are not to be considered a recommendation and it is the reader's responsibility to evaluate any product, service, or company. NinjaTrader Ecosystem, LLC is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any product, service or company linked to on this website.

        Let me know if I may be of further assistance.
        Christopher D.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          I contacted a few programmer but apparently nobody can do that ... can you confirm that this can be done in theory?

          Is NT planning to implement this feature because otherwise Family and Friends Account support is quite useless and also it shouldn't be to hard to implement I would assume.


            Hello TZoell,

            In theory, yes, this would be possible.
            The Addon would place the orders to multiple sub accounts simultaneously through the addon approach. You could monitor the accounts and look for changes to orders / positions. You could detect an order placed to one sub account and use this to trigger orders to other sub accounts.

            This would be a very large complex bit of software, but yes, I do believe this would be possible.

            This would use the accounts and add event handler methods to the accounts OrderUpdate, ExecutionUpdate, PositionUpdate events.
            Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              there is a new BETA of the TWS. In the changelog is notes: FA Managers: Performance Improvements

              To help improve TWS performance especially for Advisors that manage a large number of accounts, we have streamlined the process for handling allocation orders. This new process will result in changes in both TWS and the API (when used with TWS version 975 or greater).
              In TWS:
              • In the Trade Log, Advisors will (by default) see a summary of the allocated orders. They can expand the summary to see partial fills and allocations for that order.
              • When exporting FA allocation orders, only trades for the master account will be exported. Allocation details can be exported by selecting the individual account in the Trade Log first.
                • Note that commissions for allocation transfers can also be viewed when the individual account is selected in the Trade Log window.
              • When the Advisor selects "All" in the Trades window, that selection will show "All allocation order trades."
                • Note that models cannot be selected from this list. Selecting a group will show "Group-specific allocation order trades."
              • Advisors who trading using investment Models, selecting a group in the Portfolio window will show totals across accounts in the group, or totals for the "Independent" portion of acounts in the group. The Model breakdown is hidden for simplification.
              For Advisor changes to certain API calls when using TWS version 975 or greater (reqPositions, reqPnl, reqPnLSingle, placeOrder, accountSummary, and accountUpdatesMulti), see the API guide.

              Does this change anything the way NT interacts with TWS? Is it now possible to trade multiple accounts through the master account with NT?


                Hello TZoell,

                Any changes to Interactive Brokers software will not affect what is supported by NinjaTrader until officially released by NinjaTrader.
                Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Then any news when or if you plan to support advisor accounts?


                    Hello TZoell,

                    Unfortunately, we cannot provide estimated dates for feature request SFT numbers.

                    It is up to the NinjaTrader Development to decide if or when any request is implemented.
                    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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