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    Ultimate Crypto-Ninja Solution

    One (token) Ring To Rule Them All

    Writing exchange adapters to provide seamless streaming and historical price data to Ninja, as well as deliver trade signals back to the exchange is difficult. NinjaTrader would prefer that each exchange do the heavy lifting and provide their own adapter to them for integration, and indeed NinjaTrader has a healthy list of large established Forex/Stock and Futures exchanges that have done so for us to trade on.
    Now comes along Crypto trading and unlike large established exchanges who have programming departments that can tackle the job of creating adapters for various platforms(this is an assumption), the crypto landscape is broken into 100+ (relatively) smaller exchanges who can barely keep up with the tsunami of new traders rushing to register on their sites, much less spend any time in writing custom code to work with Ninjas .dll interface model. They instead provide a (somewhat) standardized API method to the world and let outside systems use it as they will to interface with their exchange.
    So, NinjaTrader is in a quandary... Know that Ninja recognizes the untapped potential of new customers that would stream to their site and buy their platform if NinjaTrader's power and versatility could be utilized for crypto trading (ALL currently existing Crypto trading platform solutions are crude and clunky compared to NinjaTrader), but they certainly don't want to undertake the Herculean programming task of writing a bunch of adapters for a bunch of exchanges, and you can bet that once they finally have one released for a single exchange it will only satisfy a small percentage of traders and will result in an litany of complaints from users bemoaning the limitations of that exchange and demanding trading connections to this other exchange and ultimately garnering only a fraction of the potential new users (and platform sales) possible.

    Wouldn't it be great if someone had already written adapters for all the biggest exchanges and provided just a single interface to access all of them so that Ninja could write a single adapter that could query/request data/place trades on any of them from a single interface?
    Coinigy is a Crypto trading platform that is linked to 50+ crypto exchanges. From its interface you can place long/short/margin trades on multiple exchanges with an easy view of your current account balances and trade history on those accounts.
    Whats best of all (from a Ninja point of view) is that all this power (placing trades/gathering historical data/real-time price data on a multitude of coins/portfolio data/etc) can be accessed through them via a variety of APIs (REST/WebSocket) and programming languages (node/python/php/curl) with in-depth documentation and GitHub code examples
    You may ask yourself "Why would Coinigy offer all this juicy crypto goodness to the world?". Well, it lies in their business model. They consolidate the fractured crypto world to a single platform for a flat $15/mo fee (annual subscription rate). Whether you place trades on their platform, or on the NinjaTrader platform using their single API interface to all their supported exchanges you will be charged the fee. The bonus of this is that Coinigy will be happy to provide Ninja full coding support for development of the adapter as it would represent a new customer base for them (in addition to the river of new customers to the NinjaTrader platform.

    NinjaTrader executives, Please consider, What makes the best business sense.

    * The effort required to create a single adapter for use with a single exchange? (GDAX?) OR
    * Perhaps a bit more effort for a single adapter for use with 50+ exchanges?

    I ask, has this idea been considered? or is there a compelling platform limitation why it could not?
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    I agree with you. The question is quite correct. But it is possible for some users to think about creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The cost of this solution is from 20k dollars depending on the solution:

    Although you can think and take a license. It will be profitable in some part. But the most important question isn't in the cost of development but in marketing. Since now you need to spend huge budgets to promote your own cryptocurrency platform.


      I will give this a bump.

      I haven't posted in 5 years waiting for something to happen in this vein.
      In 5 more years the game will be over.

      Anyone have any thoughts on adapting an MT4 crypto API from someone like SimpleFX?

      That might be worthy of a new thread....


        Hello, all.

        My apologies, as I don't see a reply to the original post available. This was taken down as a Feature Requset at the time, and can be tracked with the ID SFT - 2334.

        I recommend reviewing Release Notes for new versions of the platform to check for new changes and additions to the platform:


          GDAX llisted in latest update 14 connection

          HI, I noticed gdax is listed in connection, but no way to configure

          please confirm use and instruments supported




            Thanks for your post.

            The GDAX adapter has been implemented in the latest release of the platform, but is not currently officially supported pending updates to the servers and the implementation of instruments in the database.

            In the meantime, a GDAX connection could be created but any instruments must be manually added to the platform before they could be charted.

            Symbol mapping would typically be the instrument pair separated by a hyphen. e.g., BTC-EUR


              Is there a ETA on the finished Product and have you thought of other exchanges such as Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance and Crytopia they all have a wide verity of coins.
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                Thanks for your reply.

                Unfortunately, I would not be able to provide a hard set time frame for this adapter's full support.

                These other exchanges were included in the original feature request considered by the development team, but we would not be able to guarantee their eventual implementation.



                  Here are two links that are connecting to multiple crypto exchanges.



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                      Originally posted by zicjam View Post
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