This is in response to a thread over in the Technical Support area.

Playback "Go to" issues by mlarocco.

NinjaTrader_AlanS said that NT8 works as designed and that we should post a feature request if we want to see it changed, so I am posting that request here.

Currently in NT8 Playback, anytime that you select a new time with "Go To" or the slider, Playback replays every tick from 12am that day to the time that you request. Even with it playing back at max speed, this can easily take 2-3 minutes or even longer.

I understand that this was done to improve the accuracy of the Playback feature, but not every indicator or every system needs to see every tick starting at 12am. The amount of replay time should be user select-able. Whether that time is 1min, 1hr or the whole day, it should be up to the user to select the amount of tick by tick playback setup time needed.

Playback is one of the most valuable features in NinjaTrader, and I feel that it has been severely broken in NT8. I use Playback to scan the day at a fast rate of speed to find potential trades to practice. Sometimes I catch the trade as it is developing and can switch to normal speed to practice the trade, but I often I pass by the trade and need to step back to get to the trade. This is incredibly painful when you have to replay the whole day just to back up a couple of minutes. It is also a major issue when you want to practice the same trade several times.

I urge the NinjaTrader Team to please consider adding the ability for the user to select the amount of Playback setup time when jumping to a new time. This change would restore one of the best features of NinjaTrader, that has been severely crippled in NT8.

Thank You.