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Strategy Analyzer Add-On Idea

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    Strategy Analyzer Add-On Idea

    Hi NT Support,

    I have an idea for an add-on that I'd like a feasibility check on.

    Current Experience
    Whenever I run a backtest or optimization in the strategy analyzer, I like to take notes about what I expect to happen. I throw these notes in Evernote and it has been working out.

    Desired Experience
    However, I'm wondering if it's possible to extend the Strategy Analyzer so that whenever I run an optimization, a text entry dialog appears and upon saving the entry, the text gets put into the notes for this specific run.

    I'm a software engineer, and believe that anything's possible. But want to know if there's a pattern for doing these type of extensions. Because easier is better than harder


    Hello wadams,

    Thanks for opening the thread.

    We do get asked every now and then if optimization results could be fetched by NinjaScript. It would certainly be possible as it is now to have a strategy create an AddOn window with with a text dialog that integrates with another application, but there currently is not a way a strategy can report optimization results because the strategy itself is being iterated by the optimizer.

    As far as feasibility goes: Yes, the Strategy Analyzer would need to be extended to support this kind of behavior.

    EDITED: See post 3 for details.

    I bring up the idea of having the strategy call the AddOn window that accomplishes the rest of this task since extending the Strategy Analyzer (by our development team) to offer optimization results is a feature request we are tracking interest in and would likely be your best way to accomplish your goal. This ticket ID is SFT-1610, and I have added a vote on your behalf.

    Feature request interest is aggregated before it is determined if the feature is worth the time invested to implement for the reward, so we can't offer an ETA. If you have any thoughts on what you would need to meet your goal taking this approach, I'll happily note the detail with the feature request.

    For context of creating an AddOn window from another NinjaScript, I'd like to point out an example indicator created by my colleague Chelsea: https://ninjatrader.com/support/foru...86&postcount=8

    If there is anything else I can do to assist, please let me know.
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    JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Ah, so it seems I've got to find a context that gets initiated by the Strategy Analyzer but isn't iterated/ re-initialized.

      Thanks for the code example!


        Hello wadams,

        I'm bumping this thread since you may be able to accomplish your goal by taking the following approach:
        • Creating your own Optimizer and AddOn with static methods/variables to hold the information you would like to output.
        • Having your strategy write performance results and other information to those static variables
        • Having your Optimizer trigger your AddOn window that would pull in the information from the AddOn with static variables and interact with Evernote. This could be triggered when the index in Iterate() reaches NumberOfIterations.

        Some further direction for this approach can be taken referencing the items below.

        Thread discussing AddOns with static methods/variables - https://ninjatrader.com/support/foru...ad.php?t=81647

        Optimizer documentation - https://ninjatrader.com/support/help.../optimizer.htm
        JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


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