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Custom Interface to trade and disable all other trade options NT8

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    Custom Interface to trade and disable all other trade options NT8

    Hello Team,

    I'm planning to build a custom/new interface for user to trade on NT 8, where I can give only BUY and SELL buttons, the quantity will manage though the script.

    With this, I want to disable all other trade options (SUPER DOM, Chart Trading, BASIC Entry, Order Ticket, etc...).

    In Short, User will see only my custom interface to trade and not the NT Standard provided one to trade.

    Any leads will help me to get into this....

    Nuru Shaik

    Hello Nuru,

    NinjaTrader explicitly does not support removing or disabling any functionality provided by the platform from install.

    You could instead choose to build your own panel with your own buttons to be used instead of chart trader.

    Below is a link to an example.

    You could also open your own Addon window with all of your own custom controls.
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    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks Chelsea.

      Any other alternate - I can create a UI from third party and sent the BUY/SELL request to NT8 ? My goal is to have the user only click 3 buttons BUY/SELL/CLOSE kind of.... and no other way to trade?

      Nuru Shaik


        Hello Nuru,

        Where you have stated:
        "and no other way to trade?"

        Is not supported. We do not support disabling or removing NinjaTrader functionality.
        Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Ok, understood.

          Is it possible to send BUY/SELL request from any third party app? if yes, do we have any working example. I mean to say I will send BUY/SELL order from an app which will connect to NT8 and will execute orders.. so in this case no need to Login NT 8. With the 3rd party app only we will work.

          Nuru Shaik


            Hello Nuru,

            Below is a link to an example project that interfaces with the NinjaTrader API.
            Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Thanks Chelsea!

              In the forum, this is the only one document we will get if you go and search.... really appreciate.

              I've below questions
              1. First, Tools - Options - ATI check box is grayed out... checked couple blogs but no luck - with that, I can't execute the project
              2. If I go through the example and make a small GUI window and have BUY/SELL buttons only
              - Do we still need to install NT8 in their machines?
              - if NT8 installation required, do we need to open the NT and make live account connected?
              3. Does it work for Futures /ES?
              4. if NT8 must be installed, Open and Connected to Live account - then it will not fulfill my request
              - Can we open NT8 and connected to one machine and the app BUY/SELL (using ATI) is open and executable in another machine : Does it work?

              My goal is to have the UI only available to the trader where we can click BUY/SELL whether with NT8 ( where we need to disable or make sure not operatable other trade options - you mentioned already it cant' be done) or with another app.

              Greatly appreciate if any leads...

              Nuru Shaik


                Hello Nuru,

                If NinjaTrader is not running or connected, then it cannot do anything. It cannot retrieve data, because there is no connection and its not running, it cannot send orders, because its not connected and its not running.

                This applies to the API as well internal NinjaScripts. If NinjaTrader is not running, there is no API to interface with.

                With the ATI check box grayed out, this would be due to the license key you are using. Likely, you are using the Free Live License which does not allow NinjaScript Development or using the AT Interface. You will need to purchase a Single/Multi-Broker license, or use the Simulation Only license for the ATI functionalilty.

                Yes, NinjaTrader will need to be running to open an Addon window.

                If you want data, and you want to submit orders, yes a connection to the data feed and brokerage is required.

                Yes, it works with all instrument types supported for NinjaScript (Equities, Futures, Forex, Indexes).

                The API interfaces with a dll file. I'm not aware of a way for an application to reference or PInvoke a dll on another computer.

                There is however, an email interface, which would work on another computer as it listens on the port. This was intended for TradeStation, but could be used with any application that formats the email correctly and sends to the IP the of the computer on the proper port.

                NinjaTrader does not support removing functionality. If there is an issue with your software, the user must be able to manage the position and orders with the install provided functionality.
                Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Understood. Thanks Chelsea for the information.

                  I saw in other platforms, where they can create a app/program in Python and in the code they will connect account and send orders - not sure, there also they have to connect to the trading platform live to execute those orders.

                  I will explore more and come to you for your inputs.


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