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Performance issues with multiple Charts and Indicators

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    Performance issues with multiple Charts and Indicators

    my team is currently developing indicators for NT8 and we are confronted with a few performance issues right now:
    • Our test workspace is consisting of up to 9 charts with resolutions ranging from 1 tick and 1 second (loading 20 days) up to 86400 Seconds (loading 200 days for resolutions above 10 minutes)
    • Every chart has up to 5 of our custom indicators loaded
    • Every Indicator is picking up the Last DataSeries from the BarsArray and adding two new series (Ask and Bid) based on it
    • Each indicator is running OnBarUpdate on each tick
    • We are heavily relying on OnRender to draw most of our objects. Plots are only used for Lines

    The main problem is that while the workspace is loading some chart window randomly freeze. Our indicators are heavily tested and have no memory leaks thus we are not really sure what could be causing this issue. Hardware wise we are very far away from being at the limit (6-core intel, 64gb ram).

    Also we noticed that when we save the workspace and restart NinjaTrader a random chartwindow doesnt load any indicators when the workspace is automatically loaded. We found a workaround for this:
    • Instead of just saving and exiting NT we save the workspace and close it down manually before exiting
    • When we restart NT we load our workspace manually and every chart window is loaded properly with its indicators

    Did anyone else experience one of the issues mentioned above or has a few hints when it comes down to performance?

    Thans in advance!
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    Hi mrzz93,

    I see you posted on FIO as well. Can you please write in to [email protected] ATTN: Michael, he will be expecting your contact and we could work through some details.
    RayNinjaTrader Customer Service


      I've had many experiences like this over the years and releases. Tried super power PC's and everything in between. My conclusion over the use of the product is that your specific setup, long history (and by that I mean 30 days) of low time (1 second is really low - I used to use 100 tick and that still is useless) and multiple charts, generates _far_ too many bars for NT to be able to cope, especially with indicators loaded on those charts.

      Only things I could do to make it workable real-time - Massively (and by that I mean less than a day) of the short term charts. Break the other charts out into longer term (i.e. _less_ bars). be incredibly aware of how many drawing objects you have on the screen. I resorted to plotting them only in real-time on the current session, limiting the number drawn, etc.

      And, just when you think you have it working, make sure you test it in some volatility alongside the dom. It's fun (urgh) to watch your charts 10 pts behind the dom...

      I think based on my past experience you might struggle to get NT8 to work real-time, especially in periods of volatility with the setup you are describing, but if you do successfully find a way, please post how you did it here, as I am sure a lot of people would be interested...


        Not really programming related but starting NT8 as administrator pushed the performance by already 300%. I will continue posting here incase I find new usefull solutions.


          "Not really programming related but starting NT8 as administrator pushed the performance by already 300%. I will continue posting here incase I find new usefull solutions. "


          Can you confirm this? If so, what is the explanation for this massive performance increase running NT8 as admin?


            Could not immediately find any Microsoft documentation on the feature 'Run as Administrator' and any performance impact it might have. What I can say is that Run As Process is something we don't have any control over at the application level.
            BrettNinjaTrader Product Management


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