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VIDYA indicator, need please

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    VIDYA indicator, need please


    New to NT8, trying to find and upload a VIDYA indicator.

    Does anyone know where i can get one for NT8?

    Thanks in advance

    Hello Rafmed,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the NinjaTradaer Support Forum!

    I am not aware of such an indicator for NinjaTrader 7 or 8.

    There is also a growing library of user submitted custom indicators (100+) that can be downloaded from the NinjaTrader Ecosystem User App Share page: https://ninjatraderecosystem.com/user-app-share/

    The NinjaTrader Ecosystem website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell a futures contract or make any other type of investment decision. The add-ons listed on this website are not to be considered a recommendation and it is the reader's responsibility to evaluate any product, service, or company. NinjaTrader Ecosystem LLC is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any product, service or company linked to on this website.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Patrick H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      The Vidya indicator was developed in the 90’s by Tushar Chande who reformulated the exponential moving average. Chande’s indicator by its definition and construction reduces or eliminates the analyst’s discretionary decision process for the defining of the length of the moving average. The application of the indicator to historical time series has the effect of dramatically reducing false signals, relative to similar action, produced by the traditional moving averages, especially in trading range markets. The objective is to obtain a moving average capable of self-adjusting and varying its effective length relative to the current market “volatility”. Vidya is a dynamic indicator. It is essentially an exponential moving average that adapts its length to market “volatility”. Market “volatility” can be defined and measured as follows: by taking a momentum indicator (i.e. Relative Strength Index [RSI]xv or the absolute value of Chande Momentum Oscillator [CMO] xii ranging between 0 and 1), operating on the standard deviation of the closexii, or via the R2 (ranging between 0 and 1).


        Maybe you should add it to ninja trader 8


          Hey Rafmed,

          According to this post, the included VMA indicator is what you're looking for as it's based off CMO:



            Thanks PN720. Ill check it out.


              Hi, could anyone convert Vidya to Ninjatrader 8? thank you


                Hello Cheto,

                Thanks for your interest.

                In the Support Department we cannot create modify or debug code that is not written by us. This also leans into converting existing NinjaScripts.

                We had approved a conversion request from you recently and I had shared that script on our User App Share.

                As we have just made an exception to convert the last indicator you requested, I will provide some information so you or a member of the forums could take on the conversion if they would like.

                Alternately, you may wish to consider hiring a NinjaScript Consultant who would be happy to convert any NinjaScript by your request.

                There are a few key items to look for when converting your scripts from NinjaTrader 7 format to NinjaTrader 8, and we keep a Code Breaking Changes table updated in the NinjaTrader 8 Help Guide to assist in identifying changes or new implementations of familiar methods and properties from NinjaTrader 7: http://ninjatrader.com/support/helpG...ng_changes.htm

                Some notable items to consider when converting your code will be the following:
                • Initialization has changed significantly. Initialize() has been replaced with OnStateChange(), which can be used to filter out different stages of the entire life cycle of a script (SetDefaults, Configure, Historical, Real-time, Terminated, etc.) OnStateChange() is fully covered in the Help Guide.
                • The names of many methods and properties have changed slightly so you will need to refactor these in your code. The Code Breaking Changes table can make this task much easier, and there is also an alphabetical reference in the Help Guide that can help to find new method/property names: http://ninjatrader.com/support/helpG..._reference.htm
                • In numerous instances, you now have direct access to objects, where in NinjaTrader 7 you had to work with interfaces. For example, rather than the IOrder interface, you now have direct access to an Order object and its related fields. This will require a change in the way items like this are handled in your code.

                As always, we are more than happy to help out with tips and advice in this area, although we do not offer full script conversion services.

                Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Originally posted by cheto View Post
                  Hi, could anyone convert Vidya to Ninjatrader 8? thank you

                  Why would anyone be willing to do this conversion without incentives. You need to do the leg work and provide the source code, information on its usefulness, and how it can be used in trading so that one can decide if it is worth his time?

                  There is a lot of easy conversion tools and information here if you are willing to put some effort into it.

                  Originally posted by NinjaTrader_PaulH View Post

                  As always, we are more than happy to help out with tips and advice in this area, although we do not offer full script conversion services.
                  Paul, perhaps creating a training video of converting a simple indicator would go a long way for these folks.

                  Here is a simple conversion of Vidya in less than 2-min using the tools in this forum.

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                    Hello aligator,

                    Thanks for your post and suggestion.
                    Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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