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Indicator using fishertransform

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    Indicator using fishertransform

    I am a novice with the Strategy Builder. It has been suggested that I join education webinars but I am at work during the presentations. Are these recorded for playback later?
    I have also read through the Strategy Builder user guide.

    I only want to paint an arrow at the high and low bars a swing using the Fishertransform with thresholds.
    I have attached a chart, Strategy Builder and script to explain.

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    Hello Stuhr,

    Thanks for your post.

    Here is a link to a recording of the strategy builder webinar for your convenience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCyt...ZmVnauWXkWe0Nf

    Regarding the strategy, keep in mind that when you apply the script that it will process the code from the very beginning of your data to the right edge which means it will mark your conditions as it finds them going left to right. To then paint only the highest or lowest you would need to add further logic to the strategy that would allow you to compare the previously marked locations and if the newer one should be marked then you would need to remove the previous draw object. You can do this by using the method RemoveDrawObject available in the "actions" under the "Misc> folder and you would need to provide the "tagname" of the previous object to be removed. You would likely need to simplify the tag name to something like "Up" and "Down" and add the CurrentBars[0]. This means you would also need to save the CurrentBars[0] to an int variable when you draw the arrow so that if you need to remove the previous instance of the arrow you can use the simplified tag name + the variable in the remove drawobject. Just doing this though you would only end up with just the latest arrow on each side which would not meet your needs so you would need to add additional bool based logic to say it is okay to remove the previous arrow or not and this could be the difficult part where your code would need to know if it is okay to remove the previous instance or not. As the fisher transform seems to be an oscillator you may be able to use that as the differentiation on keeping an arrow or not. There may be other ways to accomplish your goal and what I've provided has not been tested.

    Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Paul Thank you for the reply.

      I have watched the video that you sent the link to a few times now and will keep watching for more clarity. For me and my eyes, the color of NinjaTrader makes it hard for me to see it clearly, I also learn by doing. I have tested many of the suggestions you have given and will test the new suggestions also.

      Thanks again,



        Hello Mike,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Thanks for your feedback concerning the video, we appreciate it.

        Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Her is how I limit my indicator to one trade per direction:

          Variables: Name: Type: Default:
          Trend int 1

          Conditions and Actions

          User variables
          For long
          Trend!=1 Trend not equal to 1

          Do the Following

          Set Trend
          Trend 1

          Trend = 1;

          For short use 2


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