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Why sometimes EXPORTING fails?

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    Why sometimes EXPORTING fails?

    two problems:

    1) I dont know why, but while I export some indicators, the export fails (saying that i should find the reasons in log).

    In log, there is written, that i.e. SMA (or etc) indicator were missing.

    After I add the SMA indicator in export-list of indis, then exporting succeeds.

    why NT doesn offer me to auto-include that?

    the more strange thing is that in some cases, it automatically offers me to include or not the required indis in export package.

    Is that a bug? i cant find any logic in what cases it fails (without any offering) or when it offers to include the required indis/addons.

    2) when i have indicators with prefix @ (and i use those indicators in other indicators that i try to export), then those indicators (prefixed with @) doesnt show up in EXPORT>ADD>ALL INDICATORS list (neither in system or default indicators list), so, exporting always fails. it doesnt automatically offers me to include them. the only way was to remove @ prefix and export such. but why it cant hanlde @ prefixed files? please update the fix.

    if necessary, i can offer teamviewer session for you to check the problem.


    Thank you for the post.

    Yes, this can happen in some cases depending on how you program your item.
    In the case of system indicators not being included, I would suggest the following approach:
    1. Locate a script that exhibits the problem and isolate which indicator is failing then try this in a new script.
    2. Try to exclude all of your logic and only demonstrate the indicator failing to be included in the new script, please ensure to test that the sample recreates the problem during export.
    3. Specify the type of export being done, source, compiled or protected.
    4. Provide that as a .cs file to platform support [@] ninjatrader.com.

    This would allow us to see the structure you had used for the indicator use so we can provide that to development for further review.

    In the second case, it is not suggested to use @ in the filename for NinjaScript files as this is used internally to control NinjaScript files. If you have a case that is failing this would again fall into the category that we would ask you to create a refined sample of that we can provide to development.

    As @ is used internally for the stock items, I may be able to put in a feature request for this but I don't believe this would be a bug or even advisable as the Indicator wizard does not allow you to use @ in the name. NinjaScript files/classes should fall in line with the MSDN C# standard for classes and file names: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/lib...(v=vs.71).aspx

    I look forward to being of further assistance.
    JesseNinjaTrader Customer Service


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