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    Hi, I am trying to setup Ninja8 to mimic my current setup that I have on Ninja7. I use custom columns and am trying to get them to match but unfortunately the code is different on 8 and will not work with the code I have for 7. The 2 columns I need help with are simple calculations. One for the OpenPrice and the other NetSinceOpen. The OpenPrice is simply the Opening Price of the day minus Previous Days Closing Price. This value is static and doesn't change during the day. This is the code I have but the values that are returned are not correct :
    if (CurrentBar < 1) return;
    Plot0[0]=(Open[0] - Close[1]);

    The next NetSinceOpen is simply todays closing price - todays opening price. This value changes constantly during the day as the price changes.
    The is the code I have for the NetSinceOpen: Plot0[0]=(Close[0] - Open[0]);
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

    Hello tcbarrow,

    I believe we have been communicating on this same topic through email.

    Currently we have found that the calculation is correct for the current bars open and the previous bars close.
    You have stated that these values are not correct because they are not the same values in NinjaTrader 7.
    This may indicate the current bar's open and the previous bar's close are not the same in NT7 as they are in NT8. This may not be incorrect but may be different because the data is different.
    I have requested output from prints of the bar time, current open, previous close, and the calculated value which would let us know exactly what is different.

    As I am seeing this same inquiry on the forums, I am understanding this in that you would like the assistance of the community.

    This thread will remain open for any community members that would like to assist.

    While we are happy to assist on the forums or with you privately through email with our platformsupport [at] ninjatrader [dot] com address, we respectfully ask that you only create one inquiry. This can be privately in email or can be a public thread on the forum.

    Creating both a forum thread and an email with platformsupport [at] ninjatrader [dot] com will create two separate tickets and may cause multiple technicians to start at the beginning of reviewing your inquiry, tying up resources with our platform support and delaying our ability to respond to all customers in a timely manner.

    For now, I will close ticket 2330001 with your personal email so that we may continue conversing publicly on the forums moving forward.

    The next step will be to compare the data from NT7 to NT8. If the data is the same and the calculation is the same, the calculated value will be the same. If the data is different the calculated value will be different.

    Please print the time of the bar, the open of the current bar, the close of the current bar, and the calculated value from both NT7 and NT8 so that we may compare and see what is different.

    Print(Time[0].ToString() + " Open current bar: " + Open[0].ToString() + " Close previous bar: " + Close[1].ToString() + " Difference: " + (Open[0] - Close[1]).ToString());

    Then include the output from both platforms.
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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