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Volume Breakout Alert NT8

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    Volume Breakout Alert NT8

    hello, i was looking for a simple breakout alert indicator on volume for nt8... so say i chose a 1 period MA so looking at previous bar and wanted it to paint the volume histogram a different color when 150% of previous bars volume was exceeded. I have searched and found some in nt7 on big mikes forum but nothing on nt8 here nor there... any help appreciated.
    thank you

    Hello chinapassage,

    Thank you for the question.

    I would be unsure of an existing item like this, but if you know of a version that exists for 7 you could convert it into 8 format to reuse it.

    Is the item you had located previously something you can download and see the code for? If so, very likely most of the code can be reused otherwise perhaps the keywords used in that script could help with searching.

    I look forward to being of further assistance.
    JesseNinjaTrader Customer Service


      i have attached a simple nt7 high alert threshhold indicator... the threshold can be swapped out for a moving average of the volume highs.... then paint the histogram bar a different color if it moves "X" percent above the MA....

      so if i was using a 1 period MA ... it would be looking at previous high and if i chose 150% then it would paint the histogram a different color once the current bar closed with volume that was 150% greater than previous volume.

      seems fairly simple and i can find it in other platforms but cant seem to find it for nt8 ...

      hope that helps.
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        Hello chinapassage,

        Thank you for the reply.

        Yes, in this case, this indicator is very simple and you could recreate it in NT8 fairly simply using the Indicator wizard and the existing syntax.

        To remake this in NT8, you could use the indicator wizard to generate the file structure needed by doing the following:
        First Generate an indicator:
        • Click New -> NinjaScript editor.
        • Click the + tab at the bottom left to create a new Indicator.
        • A new window will open with the indicator wizard

        In the wizard:
        • Click Next and provide a Name.
        • Click "Input Parameters" from the left menu
        • Click "Add" and enter "HighVolume" and leave the rest of the options alone, then click OK
        • Click "Plots and Lines" from the left menu
        • Click "Add" and enter "VolumePlot" for the Name, and select "Bar" for the Plotstyle. Choose a color you want then click OK.
        • Click "Add" and enter "Zero line" for the Name, and select "Line" for the Type, enter 0 for the Value and choose a color then click OK.
        • Click Generate.

        This would create the structure needed to match the NT7 script.

        The color that is used in the original indicator would be slightly more complicated to create, I would suggest seeing the following two pages for working with the BackBrush and how to create Brushes.

        To know the differences between NT7 code and NT8 code, you can see the code-breaking changes guide here:

        I have attached a sample of this logic due to the brush being harder to explain. I do want to note that NinjaTrader support does not provide conversion, debugging or programming services, in this case, this sample is provided as is. You are free to further modify this sample as you wish.

        I look forward to being of further assistance.
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        JesseNinjaTrader Customer Service


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