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Linkage to brokerage accounts

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    Linkage to brokerage accounts

    I want to launch different strategies on my NT8 multi broker account that send buy and sell signals to Interactive Brokers and to NinjaTrader/FXCM. I want to tell a strategy to use the account of a specific broker and send buy/sell orders to this broker..
    1. Is this sufficient for sending my buy/sell signal to the right brokerage account or do I need further instructions for using a specific broker for a specific strategy?
    2. I can only select Sim101 as the account for my strategy. How can I select the right Brokerage account for a strategy?

    And two more questions specific to NinjaTrader/FXCM:
    3. Can I connect to an FXCM demo account?
    4. What is the smallest lot size I can use in my order to FXCM?


      Hello PaulZ,

      The account selected in the Account drop-down in the Strategy Parameters will be the account that the instance of the strategy trades to.

      To view your account balance on the Accounts tab of the Control Center or trade live with any connected brokerage you must:
      • Have a live license key (either Single Broker, Multi-Broker, or Direct Edition)
      • Have this license entered into NinjaTrader under Help -> License Key
      • Have Global Simulation Mode Disabled
        - In NT7 click File -> uncheck Global Simulation Mode
        - In NT8 click Tools -> uncheck Global Simulation Mode

      Once a live license key has been entered and the connection to the brokerage is established the live account will appear on the Accounts tab of the Control Center.

      Once Global Simulation Mode is disabled, you can select any live account in the Account drop-down of a trade window such as ChartTrader or the SuperDOM or in the parameters of a NinjaScript Strategy.

      Purchase Options - Single Broker

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      - Lifetime license for a one time payment of $999
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      - Several flexible leasing options starting as low as $50 per month

      Learn more about our purchase options!

      Yes, you can connect to FXCM Demo connections.

      1,000 is the smallest unit size allowed for FXCM.
      Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


        I have purchased a multi-broker lifetime license. When I launch NT8 I see the multi-broker box filled. I assume this confirms my licensing is OK?

        However, when I click Tools I see simulation mode grayed out and cannot delete the checkmark. When I hover over the Global Simulation Mode line I see the message that this feature is unavailable and I should upgrade to lease or lifetime.

        Can you advise how to resolve this issue?


          Also, I can make connection with both Interactive Brokers and FXCM and have an account with both brokers.


            Hello PaulZ,

            After purchasing the license key, did you enter this by copying and pasting from the email it was received in into NinjaTrader under Help -> License Key?
            Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              That did the trick. Thanks.


                Hi ChelseaB, I do have an issue with connecting to the FXCM demo account. When I launch the connection of the demo account I get the error message as shown in the attachment. Can you advise how to resolve this issue?
                Attached Files


                  Hello PaulZ,

                  As a heads up, funded FXCM accounts are available to non-UnitedStates residents only as FXCM has exited the US market.

                  However, FXCM Demos can still be connected.

                  The error indicates that you need to call your broker and disable hedging on your account, however, you are certain that you are using a demo, is this correct?

                  Demos should not be enabled for hedging.

                  If so, I would recommend generating a new demo.
                  Last edited by NinjaTrader_ChelseaB; 09-20-2017, 11:40 AM.
                  Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                    Hi ChelseaB, yes I am using FXCM demo account. (Connecting FXCM live account works fine).
                    The link you sent me is for connecting NT with live data. However, what I would like to test is my NT strategy running connected to FXCM (demo). I would like this to work fine before I start running the strategy on FXCM live account.


                      Hello PaulZ,

                      The link I have provided is to the signup page for generating a new demo.

                      Select Forex as the asset class and fill out the form and click Get Started.

                      A new FXCM Demo username and password will be emailed to you.
                      Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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