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Kinetick EOD Data

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    Kinetick EOD Data


    So I decided to have a look at some stocks and indices using Kinetick EOD data. So far so good. One of the indices I wanted to look at was the AMEX Composite index - usually its ticker is ^XAX or $XAX depending on where you look on the web. No luck, I went to the Kinetick web site to try and find any information and still no luck. So I decided to email Kinetick directly. 6 emails later, I am very frustrated and I am no further ahead. First, I got an email on how to add instruments to NT7. I did not ask for that. Then, I got a link to market metrics; nice info but not what I asked for. Next I got a link to the symbol search on their site. I had already indicated in my first email that I had done that lookup on their site. Not only did I get the wrong information, but I cannot seem to get a very simple question answered. Either they don't even bother to read the emails, or they cannot understand English. The latest email from them gave me some information that would suggest that it is possible to add the AMEX Composite index but the information was either incomplete or wrong - no data came through to the chart. All I asked was whether the AMEX Composite index was available in the Kinetick EOD data, and if so, what was the correct symbol mapping for use with NT8. I will admit that at time I may have a communication issue, especially after a long night, but not 6 consecutive times in a row. How did these people get approved as a data feed vendor on NT?

    With this preamble, I have two questions:
    1. Is it possible to get the Amex Composite index in NT8 from Kinetick EOD data feed? If yes, how?
    2. I understand that it may be possible to get data from barchart.com. Is this paid data, or do they also have a free delayed data feed available?

    If anyone knows anything regarding this, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


    Hello Zeos6 ,

    Please use the settings below for the AMEX Composite Index also known as the NYSE American Composite Index
    For example, the NYSE American Composite Index is added with:
    Master Instrument: (user defined name)
    Instrument Type: Index
    Exchanges: Default
    Tick Size: 0.01
    Symbol Map: Kinetick: XAX.X
    Christopher S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank you very much for the AMEX info ChristopherS. Appreciate it. It worked perfectly!

      As an aside,

      1. Can you please let me know whether barchart has free EOD data available through NT?

      2. Also, is it possible to get NYSE Arca in Kinetick EOD? If yes, how?




        Hello Zeos6,

        BarChart does not provide free EOD data in NinjaTrader. Kinetick EOD is the only free EOD feed.

        If the instrument is not preloaded in NinjaTrader you will need to create the instrument.

        Please follow the instructions below to add an instrument within the NinjaTrader 8 platform:
        • From the NinjaTrader Control Center window select the menu Tools > Instruments
        • Click the "add"
        • Enter instrument specific information and select the appropriate exchange
        • Fill in the relevant symbol mapping for Kinetick
        • Press the "OK" button

        Below is a link to the Kinetick Symbol Search page.


        Christopher S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thanks for the information ChristopherS. I appreciate it. It is funny as I just added the AMEX Composite via a symbol mapping and you are telling me to do that again. That was not my question. My question was whether NYSE Arca is available on Kinetick EOD, and if yes, what is the mapping? Please let me know. Thank you.


            Please ignore the above post. For anyone interested, Kinetick EOD data does provide NYSE Arca Major Market Index data. Its mapping is XMI.X and it is called up using ^XMI.


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