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Can't connect to Kinetick EOD w/o using "Minimum" security on Comcast router.

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    Can't connect to Kinetick EOD w/o using "Minimum" security on Comcast router.


    I can't connect to the datafeed "Kinetick -- End of Day (Free)" without using the "Minimum Security (Low)" Firewall Security Level setting on my Comcast XFinity router's firewall.

    Does anyone know how to set up a firewall exception or something on a Comcast XFinity router so that I can use the "Kinetick -- End of Day (Free)" datafeed without exposing my entire household to hackers?

    A documented way to do this would make NinjaTrader 8 and Kinetick much more valuable to security conscious users.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hello EquityTrader,
    Thanks for your post.

    We do not have any documentation on that specific firewall to provide.

    Have you reached out to Comcast for instructions on how to configure their router?
    JoshNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi NinjaTrader_JoshG,

      OK, I will contact them first.

      I realize that a Comcast router firewall issue may be technically out of the purview of NinjaTrader tech support, but since Comcast is one of the two biggest broadband providers in the USA and since it is in NinjaTrader, Inc.'s best interest, not just my own, for the free Kinetick datafeed connection to work flawlessly for the highest percentage of users possible, I thought that maybe NinjaTrader might have a guide on such a thing. For instance, if you had a web page on how to do this for both Comcast and AT&T broadband, you would already have solved this problem for more than half of the USA, I believe.





        Would you like me to submit this as a feature request?
        JoshNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Hello NinjaTrader support,

          *** Edit: Hi NinjaTrader_JoshG, You must of posted while I was writing my post... In answer to your question, Yes, please submit this as a feature request. Thanks! ***

          I believe that I need to set up a port triggering rule on my Comcast router's firewall to accomplish this, but I need to information from NinjaTrader's end to accomplish this:

          1. Service Type: Is it TCP/UDP, TCP, or UDP?

          2. What is the correct Trigger Port From?

          3. What is the correct Trigger Port To?

          4. What is the correct Target Port From?

          5. What is the correct Target Port To?

          Thanks in advance,




            I will reach out to IT and see if they have this information.
            JoshNinjaTrader Customer Service



              It was reported back to me that Kinetick uses the following addresses and port to establish a connection. Can you confirm that your firewall is not blocking these ports?

              Port 31654
              Port 60020

              Server Farm IPs

              Primary Server Farm IP Range: 66.112.156.x
              Backup Server Farm IP Range: 66.112.148.x
              Ports 60000 - 60099
              (specific ports 60000, 60001, 60018, 60020, 60050)
              JoshNinjaTrader Customer Service



                I am trying to create a firewall rule exception with Port Triggering, but I can't get it to work. I even used the widest range possible based on the port numbers to told me about, i.e. 31654-60100 for both the Trigger Ports and the Target Ports.

                There is only a place to enter ports in the Port Triggering screen of my comcast router's firewall. There is no place to enter a URL or IP address.

                I attached a screenshot of the Port Triggering rule that I set up. I even unplugged and plugged the router back in and things still didn't work.

                Any ideas?

                Also, should the Service Type be TCP/UDP, TCP, or UDP?




                  EquityTrader, I do not have any other information on this unfortunately and I am pretty surprised you are even having these issues with a Comcast router.

                  Like you said, they have a lot of customers that we share in common and I have not seen this before. If having these settings is a requirement for you, I suggest reaching out to Comcast with the information above for set up instructions.
                  JoshNinjaTrader Customer Service



                    OK, I will reach out to Comcast.

                    Perhaps the reason why you have not seen this before is that Comcast XFinity routers use "Minimum Security (Low)" as their default Firewall Security Level (this can be read about here: https://www.xfinity.com/support/arti...teway-features), and only a small percentage of NinjaTrader users ever log on to their router and change the Firewall Security Level to either "Typical Security (Medium)" or "Maximum Security (High)". If they did, you would probably be hearing about this problem all of the time.

                    The Kinetick EOD feed has no problems when a Comcast XFinity router uses a Firewall Security Level of "Minimum Security (Low)". I was trying to get the Kinetick datafeed to work with a Firewall Security Level of "Typical Security (Medium)" because I wanted to protect myself against hackers.

                    Since I am not willing to use the minimum security setting on my Comcast router and since I am only able to get the Kinetick free EOD datafeed to work with the minimum security setting, I will first try to get Comcast to solve this problem for me, and if they can't do it, I will unfortunately not be able to use the Kinetick datafeed.

                    I really do appreciate your and your team's attempts to help me with this problem.

                    Learn how to set up firewalls for Xfinity Gateways.


                      Comcast XFinity routers use "Minimum Security (Low)" as their default Firewall Security Level.


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