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NT8 trace logging

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    NT8 trace logging


    Is there any way for me to dial down the detail level, or disable the trace logging in Ninjatrader 8? The reason is because today I have been running some code which makes a lot of orders, changes, etc., Just came back to find the platform had quit to the desktop. No error, but realise my disk is full. The unclean shutdown, even though I now have space again has prevented NT starting at all now. (i'll solve this) Checking the 'trace' folder and the last 2 files alone were >35Gb.... I don't need this level of detail unless I am trying to solve a problem, and this level of detail is going to cause me problems, and perhaps impacts performance.

    I'd like to dial it down, or even turn it off, if possible?


    [edit] same applies to the cqg/continuum log perhaps - would like to reduce/disable... Also, my 'log' tab in control center will show these messages, so this probably consumes a lot of resources. No need to me to log all order change detail, unless I need it for troubleshooting. Ta
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    There is no way to reduce the recording of order related events in your log/trace files other that reducing the total amount of orders submitted by your code.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Oh dear - That's not good. Perhaps you could ask them to add that as a feature. The logging is far more detailed than I need and it is not possible to delete the files with NT in use... Either reduced logging, or beginning a new file once files reach a certain size (so the old ones can be removed) is required, really. Thanks.

      As a workaround, is it possible to change where those trace logs are stored?

      btw - as a workaround, I'm going to dump ALL log files into null, but I'd rather have a more sensible solution, like selective logging, else if I want to turn on logging, I have to start messing with symlinks, restarting nt etc.
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        The details of the orders in your log/trace files is more for our technical analysis than for the end users. I doubt this level of detail would be changed, but I'll submit a feature request on your behalf. The internal tracking number for your feature request is SFT-3741. Please reference this internal tracking number if you ever have questions regarding this feature request.

        When a feature request is implemented, you'll find it in the release notes:


        The sheer size of the files you're referring to makes me think there may be some other underlying issue. Approximately how many orders are being submitted in 1 hour period of time?

        When you open the log/trace file, is it literally only order submission prints? Or are there other lines which your code is printing to these files?

        What is the size of your database file? To check, follow these steps:
        • Navigate to Documents > NinjaTrader 8 > Double left click on the 'db' folder
        • Right-click on 'NinjaTrader.sdf' (may only say 'NinjaTrader' depending on your Windows settings) > Properties
        • Tell me the size
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        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service



          Thanks. I fully understand the importance of the log files and their use for troubleshooting, which is why I would prefer to keep some detail, rather than dump them all. But, perhaps forcing full log detail all the time is not the best idea, especially for users with special cases, stable setups, no apparent issues, or wanting better performance in these scenarios (that's not me quite yet!). For this particular scenario thought, it is a problem. I'm fully aware of what is causing the issue. Yes, I leave NT running 24x7 (if it will stay running) and generate lots of orders. The db file is fine. Been hovering around 100mb for a few months. It is slow to pull a performance report once you make a lot of trades in a day, but I want to keep the history. Another problem, but not to get sidetracked! This is just for proof of concept - App will be moved off NT once developed and working, but for testing period, it's all on NT.
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