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NVIDIA Graphics Card, Computer Monitors Go Black

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    NVIDIA Graphics Card, Computer Monitors Go Black


    I am wondering if anyone else is having the same or a similar problem...

    I have been having problems with my computer monitors. They go black or become all green, white or all red, and then I cannot access anything on my computer screen with my mouse.

    I am trouble-shooting this now. At first I thought it was needing to install the Windows Update, but I got that installed two days ago. Then I thought it was needing to install new NVIDIA graphics card drivers, but I did that yesterday, and the problem persists.

    I just unplugged my monitors while having the problem then plugged them back in, and at this time, I no longer have the problem, but sometimes it does not appear for awhile, then comes back.

    I have four computer monitors that I use.

    I've been trading using my live trading account for about two weeks now, so if the problem occurs while I'm in a trade, it can cause me unnecessary real money losses and stress.

    In fact several days ago, it happened right after I placed a limit order, then I had to call the 24 hour emergency desk, to flatten me out, but luckily my limit order price had not yet been hit.

    Anyone else have the same issue or heard about others that do?

    Hello i2...……
    I'm not a computer tech but am a long-term user of multiple monitors, NVIDIA cards (multiple consumer gaming cards, and Quadro/NVS business cards), trouble-shooting etc. so my 2c FWIW.
    Vary much sounds like a graphics driver/Windows 'issue' in my experience (all monitors doing the same thing for a start :-).

    I had quite recently a total clusterf**k of this nature - Windows update failed due to an update that wouldn't update and 'stalled' everything after it. Knock-on was a 'wrong' graphics driver update by Windows. Pandemonium ensued.& approx. 2 days to recover the situation.

    My advice/experience FWIW is to run Windows update manually just to be sure.
    Uninstall your driver(s) and uninstall your card(s)
    Reboot and let Windows do its best.
    Go the the NVIDIA site and run the NVDIIA tool to find the best driver (I have found this to be very reliable on several different models of card)
    Let it do its stuff.
    Cross your fingers and pray to the gods of graphic drivers for their blessing.
    If you're not familiar with the NVDIA tool be warned that it can be a pain to get working if you go their with Microsoft Edge browser, and the explanation on their site isn't the best. Simply put, the tool requires an add-on which Edge doesn't support, so you have to open the page the tool resides on (the Graphics Drivers page) in Internet Explorer or any browser other than Edge in the first place, then click the tool link.
    I've had to do this before, and when I had my recent Windows update induced carnage, I first fixed that, followed the above and the graphics driver tool loyally did it's bit and Bob is now my Uncle. For example, I have 2 different series cards (also different manufacturers) - so which driver to use? You can't have two. The driver tool sorts this out, which may or may not be the latest driver for either of them that you would get if you 'went manually', used Windows update or selected your card(s) on the NVIDIA site.

    You don't say which NVIDIA card(s) you're using - if you're not using the Quadro/NVS series I give them my strong recommendation - not least the stability of the drivers (they're designed for workstations for CAD, 3D modelling, commercial multi-screen display wall banks, that sort of stuff) plus additional useful functionality for multi monitor setups.that overcome the limitations of Windows virtual desktops and NT8's snap-to grid etc.. Seamlessly.

    Hope it helps/works for you

    Kind regards,


      Hello i2w8am9ii2,

      Thank you for your note.

      Please let us know if you find any lingering Windows Updates that have yet to be installed, at times they can fail to install for various reasons and this could be the cause of the issue.

      I look forward to your reply.
      Chris Sch.NinjaTrader Customer Service


        Hi brucerobinson,

        Thanks for your reply and for the detailed advice.

        Yesterday during my troubleshooting, I was able to discover that two of my monitors which are connected to my bottom graphics card will not work on their own, but that my other two monitors which are connected to my top graphics card do work fine, for hours, on their own.

        So unless further testing proves otherwise, I will have to cough up the money for a new graphics card to replace my faulty bottom graphics card.

        No Ninjatrader trading for me until I get this all taken care of. So I need to get it done quickly.



          Hi Chris,

          Thanks for your reply.

          After several attempts, I was able to get the most recent Windows 10 Update installed successfully.

          But the problem with my monitors still persists.

          At least I have been able to narrow the problem down to two monitors and one of my graphics cards.




            This might help... good luck


              Thanks ThreeM,

              I appreciate it.


                Video card fans have too much dust?
                Power supply not keeping up? Is there an extra power supply plug on the video card? My 780ti and 1080ti have them.

                sometimes my nvidia display driver in Windows 7 crashes and everything goes black until it recovers. Both 780ti and 1080ti.


                  Hi sledge,

                  Thanks for your reply and for the info.

                  My fans could have too much dust, I will have to check. But I don't think they do, as this computer is fairly new.

                  Same with the power supply; it is possible it's not keeping up. I don't know.

                  Not sure if there is an extra power supply plug in the video card either. Will need to look at that.

                  When I first got this new computer, I plugged my computer monitors into the wrong ports, as I didn't have the required cables and was impatient. Then one of my video cards went bad and I had to replace it. Now my second video card is likely also going bad, probably as a result of having things set up wrong.

                  That is the cost of not knowing about video cards for multiple monitors when setting up multiple monitors.

                  Now I am a little bit wiser in that department, but acquiring that knowledge cost me some bucks and wasted time.


                    Hi i2w8,
                    Can you please post the specs on your rig? Also are you using SLI? I’m runnng 8 monitors off of 2 cards [email protected] 144hz and [email protected] also list the display cables you are using.



                      Hi ThreeM,

                      No, I'm not using Scalable Link Interface. At least not that I know of.

                      I have a Windows 10 Home PC 64-bit OS, x64-based processor

                      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz

                      32 GB of RAM

                      I'm running 4 monitors off of 2 graphics cards myself.

                      I use Amazon Bascis display cables:

                      HDMI Adapter Cable (DP to HDMI)


                      DisplayPort to DVI Cable


                      High-Speed HDMI Cable



                        Hi i2w8,

                        thanks for posting some specs... I wish I knew what nvidia cards you have and mb.

                        Right away I noticed the high-speed hdmi cable... that was a major problem for me and had my GPU resources up to 95%. Removing it dropped me down to 15% GPU. I’m pretty sure this is part of your problem if not all. It was only one cable that was high speed, I replaced it with regular hdmi and that solved it!

                        For my my rig I use displayport to displayport no adapters/conversions and 2 hdmi cables... NO high speed.

                        let me know if that works for you. Good luck!


                          Hi ThreeM,

                          My two graphics cards are the following:

                          1 EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Gaming, 4GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support

                          1 EVGA GeForce GTX 1050

                          The card that I ordered to replace my faulty card is the GTX 1050 Ti card.

                          Thanks for the info on the high-speed hdmi cable. I will look into it.

                          I appreciate the feedback and will let you know if I make changes to my cables configuration and how it works.


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