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NT8 Startup issues and NT8 - FXCM AU Close trade didn't work, Entered trades instead.

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    NT8 Startup issues and NT8 - FXCM AU Close trade didn't work, Entered trades instead.

    Issue 1.

    NT8 has been horrible to me the last 2 days.
    NT8 won't start up when I first try. It freezes and I can't get it to exit. After several system reboots if I am lucky it will start. That was yesterday.
    It will start in safe mode.
    Today, after several attempts I had to reinstall NT8 so I could get it to start. I also had to reinstate the workspace that I was previously using. This has happened many times now.

    Issue 2.

    On top of all of this, today I had 4 trades open. News release at 11.30am. I am trying to manually close trades by hitting the "CLOSE" button.
    3 of those trades closed as they should. The 4th one was a different story.
    According to the history on FXCM Trading station, the trade did close when I first hit the close button.
    But on NT8 the trade still appeared on chart trader as still open.
    Subsequently, I continued to click the close button as the trade was moving against me.
    Every time I hit the close button it re-entered a trade (in opposite direction to original trade.. luckily).
    Not only did it keep entering trades, it kept doubling the quantity ie., 4000, 8000, 16000, 32000. Probably would have kept going had I not run out of margin at this point.

    The only way I could close these trades was go to the web based FXCM trading station and close them there.

    But wait, there's more.

    Although the trades were closed according to FXCM trading station, NT8 still showed an open trade.

    So, I clicked close again, and again.

    And it did exactly the same thing until my margin had run out. I closed the trades again on the FXCM web based platform.

    At this point I shut NT8 down, took a few deep breaths and tried to restart the platform.

    No luck, it just hung again in no mans land. Rebooted my system and finally got it started.

    Issue 3.

    Why is it that if NT8 is not running, and an order gets executed off the server, the said execution does not appear in the NT8 trade history?
    This makes trade performance statistics useless, as I some times have trades that exit while i'm alseep and my NT8 platform is off.

    Never had any problems like this with free platforms ie MT4.

    Last edited by NinjaTrader_PatrickG; 04-03-2019, 06:21 AM.


    CRITICAL — If your inquiry involves live orders, please always reach out to your broker's Orders Desk immediately to confirm and manage your live orders and positions.

    If your trades are with NinjaTrader Brokerage, you can contact NinjaTrader Brokerage Order Desk here:Issue #1 and #2:

    The symptoms you're experiencing are too unique for any effective troubleshooting to be done on the forums. We'll need more information from your log and trace files to determine why the symptoms are occurring on your end. When you have a detailed inquiry or issue, it is typically better to contact us via email so we can view your diagnostic files (DO NOT share your log/trace files publicly). I've downloaded your log file then deleted it from your forum post.

    Please send me your log and trace files so that I may look into what occurred.
    • You can do this by going to the Control Center-> Help-> Email Support
    • Ensuring 'Log and Trace Files' is checked will include these files. This is checked by default.
    • Please reference the following ticket number in the body of the email: 2120350 ATTN PatrickG
    Issue #3:

    NinjaTrader relies on the information which is recorded in its local database about your execution to produce a Trade Performance report. If the executions don't exist in NinjaTrader's database, then I would expect that you wouldn't see that reflected in the report and the report will become out of sync with your brokerage statement. The Trade Performance tool should always be considered secondary to your brokerage statement.

    In your specific case, it looks like NinjaTrader was unable to pull in this execution which occurred while NinjaTrader was disconnected. I would recommend that NinjaTrader remain open and connected at all times if you want to be sure that this scenario does not prevent NinjaTrader from receiving execution information.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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