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Basic Chart Setup

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    Basic Chart Setup


    1. I want to get my Ninja Trader 8 setup to show the following on my charts:

    9 EMA
    20 EMA
    50 SMA
    200 SMA

    I've found the moving average ribbon, but I don't want that. I just want a single line for each moving average. Where is the option to just have a single line?

    2. I want to see VWAP - now I don't own Ninja Trader so I don't have the order flow suite, so I will need to go ahead and get a 3rd party plugin for that, correct? Is there any that you would recommend? If it's easier just to lease Ninja Trader, can I do so without choosing a brokerage since I'm just paper trading with historical data right now?

    3. How can I get Ninja Trader to draw a line that shows me previous day and 2 day old close?


    Hello sawtooth500,

    Thank you for your note.

    You can add and apply EMA/SMA indicators via right clicking on the chart > selecting Indicators and selecting EMA and SMA from the upper left menu. You will want to add each one to the Configured panel below by either double clicking or selecting them and then selecting "add". You can then edit the parameters on the right side properties panel. Once you've configured your indicators, you will likely want to save a chart template to easily load the setup on other charts. To save a chart template, right click on the chart > select Templates > Save As.

    We do not have any specific recommendations for third party VWAP items but you may search our NinjaTrader Ecosystem page for third party vendors who can potentially supply this item: https://ninjatraderecosystem.com/search-results/

    I recommend getting in touch with our sales team for any questions specifically regarding leasing/purchasing a license key. You can reach them at platformsales[AT]ninjatrader[DOT]com.

    You can utilize the built-in Prior day OHLC indicator to display a line that shows the previous OHLCs, you can access this again by navigating to the Indicators menu and selecting it from the upper left menu.

    Let us know if further questions come up.
    Chris Sch.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      I'm coming to Ninja Trader from DAS trader - in DAS trader, there was a window called Montage in which I could create a stock list and then link charts to the stock that I selected in the montage (which I did by clicking on the stock). That way I could really quickly switch the chart between different stocks. Is there anything similar to that in Ninja Trader 8?


        Hello Sawtooth500,

        Thank you for your post.

        In NinjaTrader 8, the Market Analyzer would serve this function.

        To access it, navigate to New -> Market Analyzer from the Control Center.
        Right click on the window and select "Add instrument(s)"
        Here you may select instruments one at a time, or add an entire instrument list with "Select all."
        You may also create an Instrument list from the Market Analyzer to use again here or on other windows by right-clicking and selecting "Create instrument list," typing in your chose name, and clicking "OK."

        To link this Market Analyzer to a chart, right click on any instrument and select "Send To Chart."
        Configure the chart properties, then select "OK."
        In the upper right-hand corner of the chart, there will be two small gray boxes
        Left click on the second one (if you hover your mouse cursor over it, text will read "Instrument Link") and select a color.
        Return to the Market Analyzer window and left-click on the singular gray box here; select the same color you chose for the chart.
        Now, when you click on any instrument in your Market Analyzer, the chart will display that Instrument's data.

        Here is a bit more information about working with the Market Analyzer:

        Here is a bit more information about linking windows in NinjaTrader 8:

        Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.

        Melissa J.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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