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Interactive brokers experience - anyone care to share?

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    Interactive brokers experience - anyone care to share?

    I went down a very frustrating path to a competitor of NT only to find out that I would have to literally enter equity tickers one-by-one in the back end before the platform could 'see' it. That would be a challenge to say the least.

    If anyone is able to provide feedback of using Interactive Brokers to feed NT charts and DOM, I would greatly appreciate it. Things that come to mind:
    • Once the connection is established, can you just type "TSLA" on a chart/dom and it just shows up? If not, what is the process to add tickers?
    • I read there are some limitations with IB data - is it even worth trying to force IB data into NT or don't bother at this point?
    • If I purchase data from a data provider to push the charts, I still need to connect to IB to place trades. Can I tell the charts to use data provider and the DOM to use IB? If not, how does it work with a data provider + broker?

    I did find this thread: https://ninjatrader.com/support/foru...a-restrictions
    But was hoping for anyone else to share their experience if possible.

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate any feedback.

    Hello brownsfan019,

    Thank you for your post.
    1. Yes, you can switch between stocks by simply typing the ticker symbol onto an open chart and then pressing the "Enter" key on your keyboard.
    2. The connection from Interactive Brokers will provide real-time quotes and historical one-minute data. So as long as you are using minute-based charts, the data feed from Interactive Brokers should be sufficient. The main limitation of the data from Interactive Brokers is that they do not provide tick data.
    3. Some NinjaTrader platform users who trade with Interactive Brokers utilize Kinetick for tick data. Then you can configure your account connections within NinjaTrader to use Kinetick for all market data. Then you would only use Interactive Brokers for order execution. So all of the data you see on your chart or SuperDOM would be from Kinetick, but you can still select your Interactive Brokers account to send orders.
    Let me know if I may be of further assistance.
    Christopher D.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      @brownsfan019 I use IB and NT8, for many years... Quick few comments

      IB data sucks - Get a proper data feed if you are doing order flow stuff - If you are just looking at 1 minute charts, probably does not matter
      IB has great execution and works very well with NT8. IB has the widest range of instruments, stocks etc. you could wish for. many you can't even trade via NT, as NT does not support options etc (yet)
      IB Costs are pretty good (competitive commissions etc)
      IB service sucks (avg time for ticket response for me, can be weeks (I kid you not))
      I get the impression NT are not that interested in improving the IB connectivity much, because they are essentially in competition with their own brokerage setup now.

      My suggestion - If starting out or small scale, maybe futures (micro etc. too) only and wanting to stick with NT, go with NT brokerage. All in one, competitive price wise and they cannot brush off the faults to another supplier (well, apart form the data feed, which they package as part of their offering and then send you to cqg if you have an issue!). Overall though, responses to issues at the brokerage have been pretty impressive, though I still trade via IB for 99% of my trades.


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