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Configure DEMO account in real conditions (commisions spreads)

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    Configure DEMO account in real conditions (commisions spreads)

    Hi, i have Ninjatrader 8 witch FXCM data signal.

    Bid/ask spread is OK, not problem, It is reflected in the prices (bid ask).


    The commission 0.04 per 1K lot BY FXCM Where is it reflected? Is it reflected in the spread?
    Or the signal demo and in the operations are not taken into account the commissions by FXCM?

    To be able to set up a simulation demo account with an FXCM signal, should I add the FXCM commissions + the Ninjatrader commissions?

    I must place in "per unit commissions" 0.00006 (fxcm-> 0.04 per 1k lot + Ninja trader 0.02 but 1k equals 0.06 / 10000 -> 0.00006 In this way, I will have a demo account as if it were real?

    Verty Thanks and regards.

    I really like the Ninja trader platform. I'm about to get a life-time license, but I need to be very sure about the issue of commissions and spread, since I do short-term operations, where those variables are very important.

    Hello samir,

    Thanks for writing in.

    I'd recommend reaching out to FXCM to see if their commissions are fixed, variable rate, or percentage-based to see what structure they are using for their commission rates.

    If you are interested in opening your account through the NinjaTrader Brokerage, you can find the brokerage support team's contact information here to ask about more details on this item:

    Additionally, the commission templates in the platform under Tools --> Commissions offer more information about the NinjaTrader Brokerage's rates depending on what license key option you choose, but please follow up with the brokerage team to confirm the current commission rates.

    Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.
    Alan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hello AlanS,

      Yesterday contact with sales ninjatrader departament, they told me that the additional is 0.02 per 1K lot.

      Then I have little to finish what I want, to FIX the commission of NInjatrader in my simulated account I MUST ONLY add to the parameter "per-unit commissión" the 0.02 / 1000 -> 0.00002 and in that way I will have fixed the additional Ninjatrader ( regardless of the value of the last one), is it the only cost to be charged for operating with the platform? (apart from the payment or lease of it of course).

      Okay, if so, then I would find out from FXCM how is the issue of their commissions and how they include them, when I have done MT4 and MT5 operations I have never seen a charge in the commissiones window (I imagine they will go the spread, or nose), or charged when you have more capitla, no idea, BUT what I have checked is that the same DEMO account in MT5 and Ninjatrader (only real time data), the spread at least is the same as it appears on the MT5 platform (supposedly both accounts configured mirror, I made them at the same time), in fact I tested with a couple of operations made almost at the same time and the results were identical on both platforms (without having any configuration in the account, commission nothing)

      The commission charge of 0.02 is static and not dynamic? Is the same always charged for operation?

      Verty thanks and regards.


        Hello samir,

        You can apply the commission template to your account to simplify this process by going to the Accounts tab on the Control Center window --> Right click on the Sim101 account --> select Edit account --> select your desired template from the commission drop down menu. The commission rates vary depending on what pair you are trading so I'd recommend applying the template.

        Please reach out to the brokerage team to inquire about any additional fees and details about the commission rates.
        Alan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          If yes, that is clear, it was not clear where they were configured or how it was to the point, now I have to find out with FXCM. A very strange question: Would a unique exceptional configuration be possible, that I would not be charged any commission (ninja trader) but in turn I would be charged for withdrawing funds, 10% for example? I do not lose anything with asking the question.


            Hello samir,

            Please direct your brokerage related inquiries to the brokerage team, they are best suited to answer these questions.
            Alan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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