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2 accounts - same broker

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    2 accounts - same broker


    Is it posible to trade two account of IB at the same time? One of them have subaccounts and I already know there´s no problem to choose the subaccount in each strategy, but now I must trade 2 different accounts with two different logins.

    - Will I be able to point each strategy to the account I want?

    - I suposse I will need a multibroker license, is it correct?

    - In the future... Can I trade 3 or 4 accounts?

    - Let´s say one account have futures data feed, and the other account have ETFs data feed. Can my strategies use futures data feed to calculate entries, and trade the second account with ETFs?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hello Santi,

    It is possible to connect to multiple Interactive Brokers accounts with a Single Broker license key enabled for Interactive Brokers.

    Manually start TWS from the desktop, if you have two accounts start it up twice with each account logged in.
    1. When platform has started, Click Configure > API Settings > Socket Port > Provide a unique value.
      1. Default is 7496, leave this as is for the first username.
      2. Add 1 to this value to be 7497 on the second account so each account has a unique port value.
    2. In your NinjaTrader connection for this account, match the port with what you specify in TWS for each account connection.
    3. Connect in NT using File > Connect, you will do this twice for both account connections.

    Christopher S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks a lot Chirtopher, it works like a charm. I´m connected to several account asociated to two IB users.

      Now I have a problem with data feed...

      Account 1 has data subscription to european and american futures. I receive this data in my NinjaTrader and strategies are working nice.
      Account 2 has data subscription to US Equity and Options Add-On Streaming Bundle1: Includes NYSE (Network A), AMEX (Network B), NASDAQ(Network C), and OPRA(US Options). In the TWS I can see the SPY or the AAPL real time data and chart.,, even I activate the extended hours trading session and I can trade with no problems, but when I try to open a chart in NinjaTrader it says

      AAPL: Error on requesting bar series [....] No market data permissions for ISLAND STK
      SPY: Error on requesting bar series [....] No market data permissions for AMEX STK

      I tried configuring SPY exchanges to ARCA or AMEX but problem persists.

      My idea is to use both data feeds in the strategies, using futures data from account1 to do some calculations while trading ETFs in the second account. All from the same script.

      Is there any problem with second accounts to use data feed? What can I do?

      Thanks in advance.


        Unfortunately it is not possible to choose specific Interactive Brokers connections to pull specific asset classes from. You would need to have all data enablements on the first-connected Interactive Brokers account.

        Another alternative would be to get a supplementary data feed (like Kinetick) which would have enablements for all the data you need.

        You can learn more about how multiple connections work in NinjaTrader 8 here:

        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thanks for the info.

          I´m thinking about cancelling data in account 2 and activate it in the first.

          So... last question to be sure: If I enable US Equity and Options data feed in the first account, it should be possible to trade futures, stocks and ETFs in both accounts with only one subscription?

          Or I have to buy both subscriptions in each account.

          I have tried and I can execute orders over instruments without data feed in the TWS. I only have to accept a warning window, but it´s possible...

          Thanks for your help.


            To my knowledge, this is possible. You may want to double check with Interactive Brokers as there may be something in the account settings of the account without live data that you'll need to adjust.
            Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              In regard to using an NT single-broker license to simultaneously connect to two IB accounts, do both IB accounts have to be on my name? What if one is and one is not?

              Separately, can the two IB accounts be used with a single data provider (which is not IB)?


                NinjaTrader has no restriction on account owner preventing logins. You will definitely want to check with Interactive Brokers to ensure you have permission to use/trade an account that is not yours.

                Yes, you could connect a supplementary data provider (like Kinetick) while connected to Interactive Brokers.
                Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Hi Patrick. Thanks for the reply. Of course I would not be trading by myself on an account that is not mine. This is in-house, developing a strategy together to operate on two accounts via the same machine. Each of our names could have easily been added to the other's account had it been necessary. I just wanted to know if it was a requirement by NT. Thanks again for clarifying.


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