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Superdom Freezes during active market (NOT MOUSE HOVER)

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    Superdom Freezes during active market (NOT MOUSE HOVER)

    At times the futures market (CL specifically) has a huge influx of orders, meaning several thousand contracts trading in less than a minute. I have noticed on 2 machines I have, the superdom freezes and is unresponsive for that period of time not allowing me to do anything. The fan on the other computer kicks in as well and then settles down once things slow down.

    I am aware that the superdom is supposed to freeze when you move your moues over the ladder, however this is not the problem. I have the APQ, and two volume columns attached one showing buy/sell volume the other just showing %. Is there anything that can be done to fix this problem. It literally costs me money sometimes as I can't do anything for that handful of seconds.

    If necessary I can take a video but have to capture one of these specific events as it happens a few times a day but the time is never known until the event happens. Thanks.

    Based on your description, it sounds like you may be running into a performance limitation based on your workspace configuration and the incoming data at certain times.

    You may first want to consider going through the 'Performance Tips' link below to ensure that your workspaces/charts/SuperDOMs/etc. are optimized for performance:


    It would also be helpful to know more about your PCs. What are their hardware specs (CPU, RAM, GPU) and operating systems?

    It is tough to say what the exact cause is, however, the answers to the questions below will help us diagnose further:
    • What version of NinjaTrader 8 are you using? Please provide the entire version number. This can be found under Help -> About (Example: 8.0.X.0)
    • Is 'Show volume text' enabled in your SuperDOM's volume column properties? If so, does disabling this property alleviate the symptoms?
    • Does the same issue occur on a SuperDOM without any columns?
    • Is the SuperDOM the only window which displays any symptoms of performance issues? Or does it also appear on other windows (like a chart, for example)?
    • Is it possible to replicate the symptoms using the Playback Connection?
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks for your reply Patrick. I'll check out your performance tuning link you mentioned later today, much appreciated.

      As to your questions:

      1) See NT versions below per machine
      2) Show volume text is on for both volume columns
      3) I haven't checked a bar superdom yet, will do that tomorrow as this event usually happens during core market hours.
      4) superdom issue only, chart updates ok along with level 1 on the chart
      5) Haven't tried to replicate on playback but if you find any minute bar on CL with more than a few thousand contracts traded it's during these times.

      PC 1 (weaker machine) -
      Surface Pro 4, i5 6300, 8gb ram, Windows 10, GPU Intel 520

      PC 2
      NUC Skullcanyon, i7 6770HQ, 32gb ram, Windows 10, GPU Intel 580


        I would first recommend upgrading both NinjaTraders to
        • First get your license key from NinjaTrader under Help> License Key then exit NinjaTrader
        • Click on the link: http://ninjatrader.com/PlatformDirect
        • Enter your license key and press Submit
        • Select 'NinjaTrader 8'
        • Select 'Download'
        • Critical: Before running the installer, ensure NinjaTrader is closed.

        After upgrading and going through the performance tips, let me know if the issue persists.
        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thanks Patrick, I'll do so and check back tomorrow once I have done these things. I'll also run a naked superdom side by side to compare in the event it happens again.


            Ok I can confirm going into the close (for CL) a naked superdom is responsive and moves fast, the one with 2 volume columns attached hangs and freezes when the market picks up and gets more active.


              After following the previous recommendations, the next step I would advise is Is disabling 'Show volume text' for the volume columns and then observing the behavior.
              Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                I tried removing the text from the volume columns but too late, rth hours closed and things slowed down.


                  If it's showing the volume bars why would removing the text make it faster? Just meaning is this a known issue?


                    The "Show Volume Text" property in the SuperDOM's Volume column can impact PC performance and the speed of rendering objects in the SuperDOM.
                    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                      Ok that's good to know. Is this in the documentation? I may have missed it. I would recommend putting some notification in the app on this so people are aware as this can be critical at the wrong time.

                      Thanks for your help Patrick.


                        This is documented in the SuperDOM section of the previously linked performance tips:


                        Your first priority should be to upgrade to the most current version, then begin an attempt to troubleshoot your symptoms starting with the performance tips.
                        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                          I've been having the same problem recently with the /ES. This isn't a "tuning issue" or a hardware issue or a data feed issue etc.

                          Are there any plans to make the NT8 SuperDOM more robust?

                          Are there performance improvements scheduled for the next release?


                            thuff, not all users are reporting symptom. We need more information about your PC and your NinjaTrader to troubleshoot further.

                            If none of the items mentioned in this thread remedy the issue, please write into PlatformSupport[AT]NinjaTrader[DOT]com so we may investigate what is occurring on your end.

                            Every single update is released with the intention of making NinjaTrader a better platform. For further details on what each release contains, please see the release notes:


                            I do not have any publicly-available information about what exactly will be included in the next release.
                            Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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