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New update is causing NT8 to freeze.

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    New update is causing NT8 to freeze.

    Since the new update of 64-bit (Multi-Broker), NT8 has been locking up and giving this warning in the log file.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello woodyfox,

    Thanks for opening the thread.

    Since Release 12, NinjaTrader 8 has included a new ChartStyle and BarType in the Order Flow + package. These ChartStyles and BarTypes use an index added +1 to the original NinjaTrader 8 BarTypes and and ChartStyles.

    There are several 3rd party BarTypes and ChartStyles that have decided to use this index. If you have added 3rd party plugins that add a custom BarType or ChartStyle and use the same index, you will hit these errors.

    My recommendation would be to remove the NinjaScript that adds the custom ChartStyle and then to re-import a newer version. It is likely that the 3rd party developer has already made these changes to update their custom ChartStyle to use an index that will work with NinjaTrader and newer.

    One way you can check for custom ChartStyles on your platform is to open the NinjaScript Editor (Control Center > New NinjaScript Editor) and see if there are any "unlocked" ChartStyles in the ChartStyles folder in the far right column. If there are, you may right click on that NinjaScript and select Remove NinjaScript. Once the custom ChartStyles are removed, you can re-import a newer version. Please be sure to check with the 3rd party developer that the ChartStyleType has been changed so the ChartStyle works with newer versions of NinjaTrader 8.

    If the ChartStyle is not visible in the NinjaScript Editor, I suggest to remove any custom NinjaScript assemblies from the Control Center (Tools > Remove NinjaScript Assembly) and then confirm with the plugin providers that their AddOns are up to date. If they are, you may re-import their AddOn without issue.

    Edit: I have also attached an updated tool prepared by NinjaTrader_Jesse to identify which ChartStyles are installed on your platform. The ChartStyle that uses index 8 will need to be replaced with a newer version. This tool will output each added ChartStyle in the Output Window.

    I would not expect this error to cause lock ups, however. To troubleshoot this, I suggest to start in Safe Mode to confirm that the issue does not involve the NinjaTrader platform itself. Directions for testing in Safe Mode can be found alongside our advisories for using 3rd party plugins in our help guide.

    3rd Party Plugin Advisories - https://ninjatrader.com/support/help...tallingAdd-Ons

    Testing in Safe Mode - https://ninjatrader.com/support/help...sablingAdd-Ons

    If testing in Safe Mode proves that a "vanilla" version of the platform is working well, then I may suggest to troubleshoot the components in your workspace to narrow down what is causing the issue.

    You may either take a Top Down or Bottom Up approach.

    A Top Down approach involves backing up your workspace and then removing components and testing step by step until the platform works as expected. Once the platform works as expected, then the last group of plugins removed should be tested to see if they reintroduce the issue. The issue should then be reported to the plugin developer with steps to reproduce to make sure the issue gets fixed.

    A Bottom Up Approach involves re-building the workspace and testing step by step until an issue is observed. Once an issue is observed, the last group of plugins added should be tested to see which plugin causes the issue and how. The issue should then be reported to the 3rd part developer with steps to reproduce.

    Please let us know if you are unable to resolve your inquiry with these troubleshooting steps.
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