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Trade Performance Journal Not Properly Sorted

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    Trade Performance Journal Not Properly Sorted

    The Trade Performance Journal entries are not date sorted when you click on the Date column heading. Instead they are string sorted, which would be fine if you used a proper date format that is sort-able.

    The problem is easy to see just add entries for a bunch of dates including dates with one and two digit days and you will see issue. For example, "4/9/2018" is after "4/25/2018". If you used two digit days it would be ok.

    This silly mistake makes it rather difficult to find entries in the journal. Please fix.

    I am able to reproduce this behavior on my end. I will forward this to the Development Team for review.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks, I should also have mentioned that you should be using 2 digit months as well as 2 digit days.


        Originally posted by aslane View Post
        Thanks, I should also have mentioned that you should be using 2 digit months as well as 2 digit days.
        Sounds like year should come first at least in the sort? (Haven't tested)




          Yeah it should really be DateTime sorted, but who knows what the actual design is. The Trade Journal is so simplistic it is obviously a cute add on. It has some other obvious usability issues, but I thought I would start with the item that was stopping me from using it at all.


            Originally posted by aslane View Post
            Thanks, I should also have mentioned that you should be using 2 digit months as well as 2 digit days.
            The sorting issue you originally pointed out is definitely something we'll be resolving (tracking #12769), but I suspect this item you mention is related to your Windows regional settings.
            • On your keyboard, press Windows Key+R. This will bring up the "Run" box.
            • Within the "Run" box, type in "control intl.cpl" without the quotations. This will open your PC's region settings.

            What is your date and time format set to? If you adjust this to the format you desire, does this result in the format you're looking for?
            Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Yes it does fix the issue, but I do not want to set my date format that way across all of windows. Also, as sledge mentioned, that will not fix the year issue (or times if you add multiple entries per day).The collection needs to be DateTime sorted.


                Seperate Date and Time Colums

                Something else that should be added to Trade Performance

                There should be an option to have two columns for Entry time and Exit time.

                On for date and one for time.

                Then the user could elect to only have entry time displayed.

                For day trading the entry date is redundant information to me.

                It means I have to have the columns very wide in order to see the time of entry, which is what i want to see during the trading day;.

                Thanks I made this same feature request years ago during the beta

                James 108


                  I like the time column idea.

                  I actually use it a little differently than intended. I actually enter a single long stream of thoughts throughout the day. So, for me I want to see a daily entry. If it could further be subdivided into timestamped entries that would be nice, but I like to be able to pull up all the daily entries in one view.

                  So for me, just seeing the date would be sufficient.


                    James108, I'll locate the tracking number for your feature request and post it here in an edit. aslane, I'll add your vote to that feature request. EDIT: The tracking number is SFT-3131.
                    Last edited by NinjaTrader_PatrickG; 04-27-2018, 12:48 PM.
                    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                      I wanted to piggyback on this thread to get eyes on it from at least the couple of forum members who showed interest in related capabilities. Is it possible to add a custom field into the Trades data that I can manually populate myself -- ideally this field would also become available for analytics in the "Analysis" display. Simple dumb example, I want to manually assign a "Good Trade" or "Bad Trade" classification to each trade to set me up for analyzing the cost of "bad trades" on my overall performance. Is there anything I can do with the current Trade Performance capability to drive toward this outcome? Thanks in advance.


                        Hello biegea,

                        Thank you for the post.

                        There exist a feature request SFT-1539 that requests the ability to add custom columns to the trade performance window. Currently the only customizable part of the Trade Performance window is making a Performance Metric in NinjaScript. This metric will display only in the Summary tab of trade performance though. I'll add a vote to the above-mentioned feature request for you.

                        Thanks in advance for your patience.
                        Chris L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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