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Chart lag (AGAIN)

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    Originally posted by pjsmith View Post
    Alfred I think simpler works better for NT8. It's when you start messing with tick data and tick charts it all falls apart in volatility. If your method does not need that, advantage you
    My main focus is on 2 to 4 seconds charts for patterns, graphics & volume ....along with a few longer term charts....


      Chart lag screenshots minutes after PMI news event today.
      ES, NQ, GC, and CL lagged (high trade rates). RTY and ZB (lower trade rates) lagged at first on news, but cleared quickly.
      As of the time of this post, one hour after news, the ES lag has not yet cleared, now -1,100 sec. ES is always the worst.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	v19 Chart Lag Sample - 2019-10-03.jpg
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Size:	15.4 KB
ID:	1073106

      NT v8.0.19.0, with 6 markets charted and visible, multiple tabbed timeframes with studies, on 4 monitors
      Xeon 3.5 Ghz 6-core, not exceeding 40% utilization spikes by NT during chart lag event, leaving over 50% total CPU available
      GPU not exceeding 10% utilization spikes during chart lag event
      Lots of unused memory


        Today was a perfect example of the volatility that kills NT. I've a working solution for this now, in test for a few days and today was a great one - Today would have killed my NT normally. Now, I traded through it. Have you tried .19? I can't run it (it freezes for me), but elsewhere and in NT's overview, they reckoned a 20-30% possible rendering improvement. Might be worth trying it if you have not. Backup your db first though, because you can't go backwards...


          Version 19 at 7:10am (Pacific) today....2 workspaces open...no lag on ES...


            #Alfred thanks - helpful to know

            #All- Update. I've been plugging away & think I can now 'sign this off' for my purposes.

            I worked away through all market conditions with my (pared down) 6 instrument workspace with no problems.

            Today I traded using my 13 instrument workspace through FOMC release trading NQ with TickRefresh at 10FPS and no problems. No chart lag, no DOM lag, no error messages on entries, nothing.

            Both workspaces are restored to where they were pre-18.1 which is stock platform plus 2 Ninja add-ons, plus the great #Hurleydood's TickRefresh. Medium time-frame, short time-frame and fast tick chart displayed plus others in tabs running in the background.

            CPU and RAM is never troubled. It's never been PC performance. It's always been software coding IMHO. Now, with relatively simple charts for 6 or 13 instruments it performs as one should be able to expect.
            The workspaces aren't overly complex, just fit for purpose for day trading the most commonly traded Futures.

            The only problem/difference in operation between my 6 & 13 instrument workspaces is that I experience noticeable crosshair lag in 13. (I have different charts in total in the two workspaces because I am only displaying 6 instruments i.e. I haven't just cut out 7 instruments and left blank space where there charts were, but less in total in the 6 c/w 13).

            I can work on the crosshairs 'refinement'.

            I may go for 2 workspaces and a 'market watch'-type approach i.e. 2 groups of Futures charts and single small charts of the 'other workspace' in each.
            I tried to do this with Alerts a lifetime ago but it was an un-mitigated disaster at the time. Again I suspect due to coding - adding an alert is fine, add any meaningful real-life trading situation number and loading time was horrendous and then sluggish performance.

            Whatever way, I shouldn't need to change the setup, so hope to concentrate on trading, not platform problems.

            Hope this helps.
            Kind regards,
            Last edited by brucerobinson; 10-10-2019, 07:03 AM.


              Thanks for the hope, Bruce. I tried 19 again on the weekend. it seemed to be running. Within 30 seconds of live data on Monday, charts frooze, so I'm back to 18 again. No reported errors at all in .19. I do have a working solution for .18 now and I was too able to work through yesterday, but I really, really hope they fix up 19 so the rest of us can give it a whirl..


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