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to configurate stop loss

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    to configurate stop loss

    I have a problem when operating with the platform. When I set my orders I always put the stop loss of 4 ticks; however, usually the stop is triggered at 5 ticks and I suppose this is because if the price is going at high speed at that time it does not give it time to close exactly.

    But I don't want to lose more than 4 ticks and I need the stop to close exactly 4, is there an option in the ATM configuration that avoids this problem? I activated the option "stop limit for stop loss" , but it still closes at 5 instead of 4 ticks.

    I have heard that there is an option to close exactly where the stop is set but I do not know how it is done and I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Thanks for your help,

    Is this occurring while trading in simulation or to a live account?

    It is not uncommon to experience slippage on fills when the market is moving rapidly. Can you give me a specific instrument, time, and time zone where this occurred?

    Also, one tick of slippage could simply be the difference between the ask and the bid of the instrument you're trading. Buy orders must fill at the Ask and sell orders must fill at the bid. There is typically at least a one tick difference in these prices when trading futures.

    Also, using 'stop limit for stop loss' would technically limit the slippage compared to a stop market order (which is the default order type), but only to a 20 tick maximum as the offset price of the stop limit order is 20 ticks.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks Patrick for your support,

      This happens to me everyday in Demo, is it normal for this to also happen in demo?

      Anyway I am preparing to operate in real and what interests me most is how it will work in real. I operate FDXM from 9am to 11am. Today, for example, the stop has been triggered at -6 pips instead of -4 which is where I have it; Is this normal when operating in real? because I do scalping and if there is no way to guarantee it and my stop can jump to -6 or even more my system will not work. In this case, what is the average lag in pips that I should consider? Is there any way to avoid or minimize such lag?

      Any aportation will be much appreciated ,


        Sorry, I meant ticks not pips,


          Slippage is an inherent part of trading. There is no 'typical' amount of slippage as this would be completely dependent on market conditions at the time. The simulation engine tries to estimate what would occur in a real live trading scenario, however, nothing can perfectly simulate a live trade other than a live trade.

          It doesn't sound like you're experiencing an unreasonable amount of slippage. For example, if you're trading relatively high quantities (like 20 contracts), then it is more likely to experience slippage. If you trade during a very rapid market movement (like dozens of ticks in a few seconds up or down) then slippage can also be expected.

          I would need more specific information about the exact time (and time zone) the order you're referring to filled to check market data at that time to determine whether something seems out of place.
          Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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