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'Global link button' workings

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    'Global link button' workings


    I have 2 Workspaces - 1 named Indices, 1 named Currencies
    ther than the Instruments, o
    ne is an exact replica of the other (i.e. created using Save as and renaming)
    Each Workspace contains a number of instruments, charts and DOMs.
    Each Instruments' corresponding Charts and DOMs are Linked with a unique colour (e.g. in the Indices Workspace everything ES is Red linked, YM Yellow Linked etc. and in the Currencies Workspace everything 6B is Red Linked, everything 6E is Yellow Linked etc)

    Note: I have 'Tools | Options | General | Preferences | Global link button across workspaces' Unchecked (see attached Capture).
    [thanks to @=Edge= in reply to a recent post on the topic (I'm posting this as a new topic, because the lead topic of that Post was not this)]

    'Help' states "
    Global link button across workspaces - Sets whether the global link button will work across all open workspaces or only the current workspace.
    Unfortunately I find this wording somewhat unintelligible and seems may have been added without good consideration (it isn't capitalised consistently with other entries which doesn't help). I cannot find nor find Reference to a 'Global link button' as far as I can see.
    I believe what it means to communicate (and taking a lead from immediately prior in Help 'Global Drawing Objects' and the workings of which I do understand and use, I presume what it means to convey is that if the 'Global Link Button across workspaces' Checkbox is checked, then each Link button (Red, Yellow, etc) will be effective globally across all instances of use of the Red Link button across all workspaces in the Platform, open or closed (in the manner Global Drawing Tools ere).
    Conversely, if
    the 'Global Link Button across workspaces' Checkbox is unchecked, then
    Link button (Red, Yellow, etc) will be effective across all Charts, DOMs etc it is applied to within 'only the current (open) workspace'.(i.e. not Globally, not to any other Workspace whether open or closed).

    Global Checkbox Checked - all instances of Red Link are affected in all Workspaces. Global Checkbox Unchecked, all instances of Red Link affected ONLY in the Open workspace. in which the change is made.

    The problem - if I have Global Unchecked and make a change, when I Close and Save the Workspace, the change is Saved Globally to all Workspaces?

    That Saving behaviour is the same as NT7 where all Link changes are Global and no other option, but not what the Help implies, particularly given that the Option to not apply Globally is at Platform 'top level' i.e. Tools | Options | General | Preferences | ? Setting General Platform Preferences for Link buttons not to apply Globally if Unchecked. If this were so, I would be able to set Red Link buttons to ES in the Indices Workspace, Red Link buttons to 6B in the Currencies Workspace, and changes made to either one would not be applied Globally across Platform General Preferences either whilst either Workspace were Open or upon Closing and re-opening with or without saving if
    "Global link button across workspaces Sets whether the global link button will work across all open workspaces or only the current workspace".
    was an accurate description?
    Accurately: "'Tools | Options | General | Preferences | Global Link button across workspaces'
    Sets whether the global link button will work (Checked) across all open workspaces or (Unchecked) only the current workspace ((until the Workspace is Closed at which point any changes made will be applied Globally regardless of Setting), ".
    Or am I missing something? (I hope)

    Kind regards,

    Hello brucerobinson,

    Thanks for posting.

    I'm unable to reproduce this behavior on my end. May I ask for more detail about what changes are being applied to linked charts in other workspaces when closing and saving the active workspace? Are you using Instrument Link, Interval Link, or both?

    I look forward to your reply.
    Tyler M.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hello Tyler and thanks.

      If it helps I can provide some screenshots or video later, but the setup is fairly 'conventional' Day Trading type screens/charts.
      Attached is one chart for FDAX - 1minute. It is Instrument Linked (Aqua) to other FDAX 5min, 15min, Daily, Tick charts in Tabs in the same Window and in new/separate Windows, as well as one DOM with 2 tabs.. On this particular chart (chosen because you asked) it is also Interval Linked (Orange) to all other Instruments' 1min charts (it is only the 1min charts that are Interval Linked - the 5min, 15min, Daily etc are not Interval Linked

      So, in my Indices workspace, for example, I have:
      YM - 1x Window 3x tabs - 15m, 5m, 5m; 1x Window 3x tabs - Daily, 1m, 1m; 1x Window 1x tab Tick chart, 1x DOM - 2x tabs. All charts and DOMs instrument linked same colour.
      ES same as above, instrument linked different colour,, NQ same instrument linked different colour,, RTY etc.
      One only of each Instruments' 1min charts is Interval linked to all other instruments' same one only 1min chart using the same colour.

      Simply put - if I change an Instrument in any of the windows or tabs or DOMs displaying let's say ES to CL, all the charts that were displaying ES now all change to display CL. If I change any Instruments' 1min chart which is Interval linked (only one chart for each Instrument is Interval linked, like the one attached), all the Instruments' Interval Linked charts (one each) become 2min charts.

      I have two workspaces open concurrently. In this way I can display the Indices in one workspace, and Currencies in the other. I can switch between the two workspaces quickly using Shift F3 Next Active Workspace Hot Key. I do not have to wait for the 'other' Workspace to open and load as they are both open and loaded. However the 'non-active' workspace is using few resources running in the background, until switched to, and I'm only rendering the charts I am wanting to watch at any one time i.e. half of the total in the two workspaces.

      I have a 'set' of charts, tabs, doms (Daily, 15m, 5m 1m etc as desscribed above) in Workspace 1, all Instrument linked Red (let's say it is ES (along with another set YM Linked Yellow etc)

      I open my second Workspace - Currencies, which - regarding charts etc Daily, 15m, 5m, 1m, tick, DOMs etc- is the same as my first (open) Workspace (Indices) and has a 'set' of charts, tabs, doms etc also Instrument Linked Red..I can select (let's say) 6B for this set of Red Instrument Linked charts and DOMs. All Red Instrument Linked charts and DOMs in this Currencies Workspace will change to 6B, all the Red Instrument Linked charts in the Indices Workspace will remain ES - as would be expected/hoped - because I have Global Instrument Link Unchecked at 'Platform Level' in Tools | Options per my first Post attachment. So, at this popint - I have what I want - I can display ES all Instrument Linked Red in my Indices Workspace, and the same 'group' of charts Instrument Linked Red in my Currencies workspace is displaying 6B - the two Workspaces (both Open) and the two Instrument linked groups of charts are acting independently. The problem (that I am experiencing) is that this cannot be saved. If I Close the workspaces, it will either save both workspaces Red set with the same ES, or with the same 6B. So next time I open both workspaces, I will either have both the Indices and the Currencies workspaces displaying 6B, or displaying ES. I haven't investigated more about which it is saving, but my guess would be it is the last one that is Saved.

      So, if the above had happened - I had opened the Indices workspace first, the 'Red set' were displaying ES, and I then opened the Currencies workspace, the 'Red set' would be displaying ES (no0t 6B). I could then change the Currencies Red set to 6B and that would not affect the Indices workspace - the Red set would continue to display ES. However, if I then Close Currencies Workspace it will ask me to Save changes, or not. If I say yes, this will 'act globally' and change the Indices Red set from ES to 6b. So when I then close ES, it will ask me to save, or not, if I do, it will overwrite the 6B settings in Currencies. So next time I open Indices, Red set will display ES but when I open Currencies its Red Set will display ES. I can change it to 6B and that will not affect ES in Indices.- until I save one or other i.e. the last save prevails over both Workspaces - you can have the two workspaces open and not behaving 'globally' but you can only save one or the other, and I believe (I have not tested extensively to confirm) it is the last saved that prevails (i.e. if I opened Indices and the Red set was displaying ES, when I subsequently open Currencies its Red set will display ES also. If I change Currencies Red set to 6B it will display 6B and Indices will continue to display ES. If I close and Save Currencies with the 'Red set' displaying 6B in Currencies, then close but DID NOT save Indices workspace with 'Red set' displaying ES, the 'Currencies save' will overwrite the Indices so when I open Indices again Red set will display 6B not ES. Conversely, if were to save and close Indices with Red set displaying 6B, and then close and save Indices with its Red set displayin ES, when I open Indices again ES will be displayed but when I open Currencies it will display ES because the 'last save' when closing Indices with ES displayed after having closed and saved Currencies with 6B displayed will have 'overwritten' 6B in currencies. I'm sure you get the gist.

      I cannot save Indices workspace with Red set of Interval links displaying ES, save Currencies workspace with Red set of Interval links displaying 6B, close and save each, re-open them both and find both settings saved and Indices displaying ES and Currencies displaying 6B. Both sets of Red interval linked charts in the two separate workspaces will be displaying the same instrument - whether that is ES or it is 6b will, I believe, depend upon the manner/order in which they were saved.

      Please let me know if you can replicate this what to me is unexpected behaviour..

      Thank you for your assistance.

      Kind regards,


        Hello brucerobinson,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I'm still unable to get this to occur after doing some additional testing on my end. Please follow the steps below to manually send your log and trace files to PlatformSupport[AT]NinjaTrader[DOT]com. Please in include 'ATTN: Tyler' in the subject line.
        • Open your NinjaTrader folder under, "Documents" (sometimes called, "My Documents")
        • Right click on the 'log' and 'trace' folders and select Send To> Compressed (zipped) Folder.
        • Send the 2 compressed folders as attachments to your email.
        • Once complete, you can delete these compressed folders.
        Thanks in advance; I look forward to resolving this item.
        Tyler M.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thank you


            For completeness to assist anyone encountering this now confirmed unexpected behaviour searching the Forum for a solution and happening upon this thread.

            I diagnosed the behaviour and it's cause, which Support were unable to.

            Simply put, Global Link across Workspaces does not work as expected on the SuperDOMs, and it's failure overrides its operation on charts leading to further unexpected behaviour.

            I cannot confirm or otherwise is this is limited to the SuperDOMs, or extends to other areas such as Market Analyzer as I do not use Instrument Linking elsewhere and have not tested it. Likewise Interval Linking..

            Poorly thought through new Feature, badly implemented and released untested.

            May be fixed in a future release.


              To elaborate on what brucerobinson has stated here, we were able to isolate this on our end and make a change to address the symptom. The tracking number for this change is 14111. You'll find this in the release notes when this change has been implemented into the public build of NinjaTrader:

              Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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