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Chart Rendering Failed.

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  • NinjaTrader_Heath
    Hello Zaro33,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm glad we were able to help. Performance issues from third party items can be problematic for many different reasons, most commonly high volatility. I'm not sure what would have make the issues from last week not as severe this week.

    However, I would recommend reaching out to the developer of the identified indicator to see what items may cause increased performance for that specific items so you can tailor your settings accordingly.

    Please feel free to write in if you need any additional assistance.

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  • zaro33
    You have answer may question. Definitely is the 3rd party indicator, because I never had issues before until I started using some specific 3rd party indicators. For some reason, the 3rd party indicator has not cause any issues as of yet. I will wait until I start to get the issue again to try to do the troubleshooting, however, I think I know which specific indicator may cause the issue since two out of the four 3rd party indicators are the only ones that have to constantly keep calculating to keep tracking a line and provide signals.
    I will update once I start to get the issue again.
    However, what was weird is that last week, specially last Friday the 3rd party indicator would be crashing ninjatrader every hour and sometimes 3 times in one hours. Yet on Sunday and today Monday I have had Ninjatrader ON for about 4hrs and no issues.

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  • NinjaTrader_Heath
    Hello zaro33,

    Thank you for your post.

    This error specifies a chart rendering failed message.

    Many Chart Rendering Failed messages can be attributed to 3rd party components that are performing custom rendering. If you notice that there is a script on the chart that is performing unorthodox rendering, testing with that component removed should be the first place to start looking.

    As a test, please take the following steps to force NinjaTrader to start without your saved workspace. You will have the option to reopen these after our tests.
    • Shut down NinjaTrader
    • Launch NinjaTrader in Safe Mode
      • Safe Mode will prevent NinjaTrader from:
        • Loading workspaces.
        • Connecting on start-up.
        • Loading custom assemblies.
        • Getting instrument updates from the server.
      • To enable safe mode, please use the following steps:
        • Exit NinjaTrader.
        • Hold the CONTROL key and double click the NinjaTrader icon.
        • Keep the CONTROL key held down until you see the Control Center.
        • You can verify you are in safe mode by going to Help -> About.
    • Close any open Workspaces without saving them (saving over them will remove any custom indicators.) by going to the workspaces Menu in the Control Center, hovering over the workspaces you have open (with a green or grey icon next to them) and clicking the close option that appears.
    • Create a new workspace and name it what you wish then click SAVE to save that workspace.
    • Close and reopen NinjaTrader normally.
    This should open the platform with your new clean workspace only.

    If there are no issues on this new workspace, please try opening the previous workspace by going to File--> Workspaces--> Open workspace.

    If this reintroduces issues, I would suggest rebuilding your workspace, adding 1 indicator at a time. Please keep track of what indicators you add back in so that we can narrow down what indicator is causing the issue if the issue returns. I also suggest making a backup of your workspace so we can restore a backup if the issue returns.

    I have provided a link below to our Help Guide that goes over backing up and restoring.
    To see what (if any) NinjaScript items may be contributing to the symptoms, please open the NinjaScript Utilization Monitor:
    • Control Center > New > NinjaScript Output
    • Right-click within the NinjaScript output window > Select 'NinjaScript Utilization Monitor...
    • This window will begin to populate with NinjaScript items in order of time spent processing
    Please let me know the results of this test. If you need any additional assistance please feel free to write into support by going to Help > Email Support in the Control Center of NinjaTrader, or by emailing PlatformSupport(at)NinjaTrader(dot)com, Please include a link to this post in your message.

    Thank you, please let us know if we may assist you further.

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  • zaro33
    started a topic Chart Rendering Failed.

    Chart Rendering Failed.

    I have 3 charts opens and they all have ninjacator indicators, about 4 indicator each, which they are the same indicators for all charts, just different time frame.
    From, time to time, I get one of the chart that freeze while the rest of the chart are still displaying information. While one of the chart is frozen I check the log and I see this error keep appearing like 3times a second=>Chart rendering failed. There is likely a problem with a chart objects OnRender method. D2D error="External component has thrown an exception".
    Then from time to time, all 3 chart freeze or turn white and I get window popup error, I forgot what it specifically say.

    My computer is from 2010, it has window 7, with 6GB ram, i7CPU @ 2.67GHz.

    Not sure, if anyone knows that specific error means something very specific? I don't think is m computer hardware. I guess it must be something with one of the indicator.

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