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DOM in playback....Useless.

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    DOM in playback....Useless.

    I know that the DOM, when in playback mode from loaded history updates once per second. I found this out because I spoke with support tech Heath. I was trying do drills on the DOM and it was very choppy or laggy, so I thought. Heath said that it updates once per second and that this is intentional behavior to reduce the performance requirement of Playback.

    And that the effect is only visual, the data is actually playing back real time even though the interface only updates every second.

    The issue is, the visual aspect of it is extremely important. I can't run drills and practice on the DOM in that condition. We can't see how slow or quick the orders are going through the book. They are just moving once per second ( all moving at equal time) When in reality, some go through slower and some go through faster. And it's the speed at which the market moves that allows DOM traders to know when and when not to take a trade in many cases.

    This is not a problem for those who trade directly off the chart. There's no numbers to see.

    I downloaded a few other charting packages to see if anyone elses played back the market the same way, and NONE of them run playback like NT8 does. All their playback runs in real time.

    I'm guessing some people had playback issues in the past which caused you to change how it played back...And it was probably their systems that were slow.

    Many of them were also probably only chart traders. So NT8 made the "fix" for them. But for a DOM trader playback is not useful at all when updating once per second.

    What can be done about this? I paid for a lifetime membership and can't even practice.

    Heath is correct in that playback is hard-coded to visually update once every second.

    I have submitted this as a feature request to the Development Team. The internal tracking number for your feature request is SFT-2099. Please reference this internal tracking number if you ever have questions regarding this feature request.

    When a feature request is implemented, you'll find it in the release notes:
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      Thank you. I'm surprised there hasn't been any other complaints about this. This needs to be implemented in the next update. I literally can't practice on the DOM. If this takes months to get fixed, I'll be months behind on practice. Again chart traders don't have this issue. But some of us NEED the DOM to work properly in replay mode. I'll call support every day on the phone until it gets fixed.


        While I absolutely understand your desire for this change as it is critical to your training, I must insist that writing in. posting, or calling multiple times for the same feature would not increase the likelihood that this is changed sooner than later. Deciding on features for future releases is not a simple black and white decision. There are many factors involved including but not limited to:
        • Demand which is measured by objective user requests and subjective discretion on the part of our Product Management team.
        • Feasibility
        • Developer bandwidth
        • Current projects in the queue
        • Economics
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