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Support on how to configure Trailing Stop and  Stop Loss together at a Strategy

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    Support on how to configure Trailing Stop and  Stop Loss together at a Strategy


    I am looking for Support on how to configure Trailing Stop and Stop Loss together at a Strategy. I finished the configuration with no NinjaScript errors creating inputs in PIPs for TS and SL, but not sure if this is working. Forex Market now is stopped and activating the strategy at a EURUSD Renko 5 brick chart brings PnL lines that seem incompatible with what I tried to create, meaning, as if none of the conditions were becoming active when they were supposed to . Image attached shows there are Loss lines which shouldn't be there if TS was active, so I am afraid I missed some detail while building the strategy, although no errors were raised.The strategy was already working well with Market Long/Short trades, at Conditions and Actions with 4 Sets built, then I moved to Stops and Targets and built two simultaneous conditions, TS and SL .

    Q- Is it possible to ask for Support to NT8 Support team via email? If so, please let me know what email should I use.

    I think I can use the method described here to export the strategy:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Strategy2.png Views:	0 Size:	240.6 KB ID:	1075499

    Thanks Much indeed,
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    Hello bouncetherubble,

    Thanks for your post.

    No, you do not need to seek help from us in the public forums, you are always welcome to write directly into PlatformSupport[at]NinjaTrader[dot]Com. You can also write into us directly through the platform by going to Help>Email support which many people use. When writing in, if your question is related to Ninjascript, please put that in the subject line. We ask that you do not both post in the forum and write in, use one or the other means to contact us.

    To export any script, please see the help guide section, "Exporting NinjaScript as Source Files" on this page:

    On any particular order, when using the strategy builder stops and targets, you can only use a stop loss or a trailing stop but not both. If both are selected, the trailing stop is ignored. Please see the help guide for these methods (Notes) for further clarification:

    Also, the strategy builder uses what is called the managed approach to govern how strategies can operate: "The Managed approach in NinjaScript is designed to offer the greatest ease of use for beginner to intermediate programmers. The order methods are wrapped in a convenience layer that allows you to focus on your system's trading rules, leaving the underlying mechanics of order management and the relationships between entry orders, exit orders, and positions to NinjaTrader. This approach is best suited for simple to moderate order complexity, and can be further broken down into a Basic/Common Managed approach..." Please see the help guide here for further contextual information:
    Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Paul

      Thanks much for the feedback! I already succeed to export to a .zip Source file and will send via email identified as required and with this Forum URL attached.

      I browsed the articles you referred to, but they seem full NinjaScript coding Help pages and I am seeking Help for the Strategy Builder Macro. I have not yet adventured into the field of making my own trading bots ... I don't see programming for a long while and have a lot to catch up to before trying that with NinjaScript.

      Again, Thanks much for your Help,


        Hi bouncetherubble,
        IF sending stops to the broker at order entry (already) is not a "must have" for you, you could consider to manage your fixed and trailing stop yourself in variables. You would then on each tick or bar update, check 1) if the trailing stop variable needs to adjusted (if yes, do it), 2) if the price crosses the Fixed or Trail Stop, and if Yes, send an (SL) Exit order to the market.
        This can even be done using the Strategy Builder. Please carefully consider the Con's, particularly that i) a robust internet connection is vital, ii) your exits will aways occur with one tick/bar delay. As Pro, note that your SL stops are not visible until actually triggered.
        Not a recommendation, just a suggestion how you could circumvent current NT Strategy Builder restrictions, IF so wanted after careful consideration.


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