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How to add NG to the list and chart current contract?

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    How to add NG to the list and chart current contract?

    I want to chart NG which is not on the default list on Ninja 8.
    Ninja 7 was straightforward but I cannot figure how to chart NG current month?!

    I click on the instrument and get the list. I search for NG and get the future but there don't seem to be a way to add it to any list and chart it.

    I click on instrument list and click on Futures list and try to add NG but there is no way to get the contract date.

    What am I missing?

    Hello afshinmoshrefi,

    Thank you for your note.

    Should you wish to add an instrument to an instrument list:

    Navigate to the Control Center > Tools > Instruments Lists window.
    Left-click to select the instrument list that you wish to add the instrument to in the left panel, then left-click on the ‘add’ button at the bottom of the right-hand panel.
    Type the name and (if applicable) front month of your instrument in the search field that appears. Press the Enter button on your keyboard to confirm this change.
    Left-click the OK button to close the Instrument Lists window.
    Your new instrument is now added to the instrument list of your choice.

    Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.
    Chris Sch.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      How should I find out what the front month is?
      In Ninja 7 it is listed, but I don't see that in NT8.


        Hello afshinmoshrefi,

        Thank you for the reply.

        When adding the instrument to the list, the platform automatically adds the most current contract month by the rollover date.

        You can see the rollover dates (and edit them) by navigating to Tools > Instruments > double left click on the instrument > Contract Months.

        Please let us know if further questions come up.
        Chris Sch.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Cant add a new future with front month

          I added NG to the list of futures. Then I went to Database Management and clicked Roll Over. the front month of NG has not been added. please look at the attached.

          How can I add NG and have Ninja add the front month?

          This was so straightforward on NT7, I must be missing something because adding a new future to the list shouldn't be so confusing!
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            Thank you for your Post.

            Please follow the steps below to add an instrument to your instrument list.

            -Go to Tools > Instruments Lists
            -Select the List you would like to add an instrument to on the left and then click 'add' on the right.
            -Click the Magnifying glass and search for the instrument you would like to add
            -Select that instrument and click OK

            Once the above steps are completed you will have added you desired instrument with the current front month automatically applied.

            Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.
            Dennis E.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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