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Trading the same symbol on two charts that show only trades made from each chart.

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    Trading the same symbol on two charts that show only trades made from each chart.

    Hello, is there a way to trade the same symbol on two separate charts and have only the trades initiated on each chart display on that chart alone.

    For example, if I traded long on one chart with the QQQ symbol and short on the other QQQ chart, only long trades would display on one chart and the other chart would show only the short trades.


    Thank you for your post.

    Glad to assist. At this time there is not an option set the excutions markets in this manner. I have submitted this as a feature request to the Development Team.

    The tracking ID for this request is SFT-768. You may reference this ID in the future regarding this matter. Our Help Guide Release Notes will also list all new changed or additions to NinjaTrader (Help > Help).

    Please let me me know if I may be of any further assistance.
    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank you for adding it to the request list.

      I had another question, I use Ameritrade and the intraday range bar data has to be collected in real time. I also have Interactive Brokers and Sierra data and was wondering if there was a way to connect to their real time and historical tick data from within NinjaTrader?


        Thank you for your reply.

        Sierra cannot be connected, however Interactive brokers real time tick data can, but not historical tick data -- the following link will take you to a page that details the steps required for creating a connection to Interactive Brokers and specific connection configuration information.


        The below link will show all the NinjaTrader-supported data feeds and the market they support.

        See "Understanding the Data Supplied by your Connectivity Provider"


        Please let us know if we may assist further.
        Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          One more question, is it possible to view data from MNQ, the micro Nasdaq contract, on the Ninja chart but have the trades I place be directed to QQQ at Ameritrade.

          I would rather trade visually from futures charts than stock charts and be able to place the order directly on the futures chart.

          And if that is possible what would show up in the PnL field. Ameritrade would show the correct PnL based on QQQ but I’m assuming that the Ninja PnL would be for the futures contract even thought that was only used for symbol mapping.

          Also, when I try to load a chart of MNQ 1 minute nothing appears, is that data not available from an Ameritrade stock account?

          If I’ve understood the Kinetick’s website correctly their fee for real time and historical tick data for stocks and futures is $65 a month plus exchange fees. Are there any discounts for subscribing to NinjaTrader that you know of?



            I hope it’s okay to ask questions in this topic instead of starting a new topic for each question I think of. Since I need to be able to trade different strategies on the same symbol such as QQQ and cannot separate the trades so that only the trades initiated on a particular chart are shown maybe I can do something like that with Tradestation.

            As I remember I can have more than one strategy on the same symbol for their futures account and since I want to be able to trade off the Nasdaq futures chart maybe I can use symbol mapping to send a long trade on one chart through NinjaTrader that will map to the QQQ symbol in Ameritrade for execution and send a short trade on a separate chart in Tradestation to map to the same symbol in Ameritrade.

            Putting all strategies on one chart with multiple profit and stop levels looks very confusing on a chart but if the long signals and accompanying profit and stop targets could be isolated on a chart separate from another chart’s short trades it would be much easier to follow along visually to make sure everything was going along correctly.

            Anyways, thanks for replying to these various questions, I hope there is a way to accomplish what I’m trying to do.


              If it’s not possible to have a strategy take signals from a futures chart and convert it to trade QQQ then is it possible to have two charts in Tradestation with a long strategy on one QQQ chart and a short strategy on another QQQ chart and have both of them send email signals to NinjaTrader that would then be sent to Ameritrade.

              One cannot trade two strategies on the same stock symbol if it will be executed at the Tradestation brokerage, but what I wrote above would not involve the brokerage account and would trade from their simulated account to NinjaTrader and then to Ameritrade, would that work?


                Hello Trade95

                If you are connected to a data feed or brokerage that supports futures and a data feed or brokerage that supports equities, you can add additional series with other instruments with AddDataSeries.

                Below is a link to the help guide.

                The order can be placed to the series of that series BarsInProgress index.

                EnterLong(int barsInProgressIndex, int quantity, string signalName)

                NinjaTader does not support futures with TD Ameritrade.

                Below is a link to the NinjaTrader 8 help guide on Data by provider which shows the supported connection technologies and the types of data these connections support.

                Also here is a link to a list of the currently supported brokers with the NinjaTrader Platform.

                NinjaTrader cannot send orders to TradeStation. These can be received only using the Email interface or Dll interface.
                Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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