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Change Ninjatrader Folder Location

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    Change Ninjatrader Folder Location

    Hi there.

    Is there a way to change where the Ninjatrader 8 settings folder is stored?

    On the latest builds of Windows 10 a fresh install now puts the "documents" folder into OneDrive by default. So when I install Ninjatrader the settings folder is in "C:\Users\Username\Onedrive\Documents\Ninjatrader 8"

    I am now constantly getting onedrive sync notifications about Ninjatraders internal data files for historical data etc.

    I would like to move the Ninjatrader 8 folder to C:\Users\Username - which is where it should be anyway; since it doesn't actually contain documents.

    Is this possible?

    Hello frantic,

    Thanks for your post.

    To resolve, you would have to disable the Documents folder from syncing with OneDrive. First, I would suggest making a copy of your Documents > NinjaTrader 8 folder on your desktop to avoid losing any saved data.

    Open the notification tray by clicking the up arrow button on the right side of the task-bar. Right-click on the OneDrive icon in the tray and select “Settings” from the popup menu.

    On the “Microsoft OneDrive” dialog box, click the “Choose folders” tab.

    On the “Choose folders” tab, click the “Choose folders” button.

    The “Sync your OneDrive files to this PC” dialog box displays. To prevent the Documents folder from syncing to your PC, select the checkbox to the left of the folder name Documents so there is NO checkmark in the box.

    The first time you deselect a folder for syncing, the following dialog box displays telling you that the files and folders will stay on OneDrive but not on your PC. If they’re currently on your PC, they will be deleted. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.

    Once you’ve deselected the folders you don’t want to sync, click “OK” to close the dialog box.

    You are returned to the main “Settings” dialog box. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.

    After the steps above are complete. You will need to download the platform here to reinstall.

    Here is a publicly available link showing how to exclude individual folders from OneDrive:

    We look forward to assisting you further.
    Shawn B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      I have this same problem and will try a work around, but this is NOT acceptable... Please install NT8 in a different location or allow users to select where it's installed.


        Thank you for the suggestion.

        Keep in mind that the Documents location is perfectly functional unless another program (like OneDrive) interferes with NinjaTrader's use of its own files. OneDrive is particularly invasive in that it literally changes the file structure of your entire Documents folder.

        I have submitted this as a feature request to the Development Team. The internal tracking number for your feature request is SFT-1740. Please reference this internal tracking number if you ever have questions regarding this feature request.

        When a feature request is implemented, you'll find it in the release notes:

        Last edited by NinjaTrader_PatrickG; 01-28-2020, 08:23 AM.
        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          I understand, but you guys will most likely run into this a lot as Microsoft pushes their OneDrive service (included with their office 365 subscription). Someone has to make the change so you don't have a bunch of frustrated clients, and I have a feeling Microsoft isn't going to change for NinjaTrader Thanks for looking into this


            +1 for configurable path on install


              Hello Robforee2,

              Thanks for the note.

              I have added a vote for you to this feature request.
              Melissa J.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                Is the configurable path already available?

                If not is it possible to just uncheck the NinjaTrader Folders inside the Document Folder or do we need uncheck the actual Documents folder?



                  Are you referring to disabling the Documents folder from OneDrive sync/backup? Yes, this is likely another solution. We recommend the complete disable or uninstall of OneDrive simply from lessons learned in previous experiences with our client base (like OneDrive re-syncing folders unexpectedly, for example).

                  The feature request being discussed here (SFT-1740) is about allowing users to install the NinjaTrader folder that is currently 'hard coded' to reside in the Documents folder to a different location. This is not currently possible through the NinjaTrader installer. The path that can be chosen during the current installation process is for a different set of files and folders related to NinjaTrader.
                  Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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