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charts take over an hour to load

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    charts take over an hour to load

    I’ve recently closed my e signal account and have started using NinjaTrader 8, mainly because of the custom indicators I have bought.
    I have a 12 screen set up.
    The desktop was an i7 With 32gb of ram which coped With a huge array of charts on e signal.
    But with NinjaTrader my cpu was maxing out on my task manager which to me meant I needed to upgrade.
    so I have, it’s now a Ryzen 3950X With 64gb of ram. The GPU’s are FirePro w4100’s.

    the problems are still there, the cpu is only hitting 9% the GPU’s don’t even hit 3% but the charts take over and hour to load?. That’s even if they load.

    I only trade 9 instruments so I’ve created a workspace for each instrument and I use multiple time frames, so each screen has a separate timeframe.

    also I’ve had gbp/usd and ES lagging behind by 4-6 5 minute candle sticks. I’ve literally checked against my broker and my IQ feed and the carts were behind.

    Could it be my GPU’s ??

    I’ve paid a lot of money for my indicators and I want to trade with them. I also want to use all of my screens and multiple time frames which is why I went over board with a powerful cpu.

    but still it dosnt work??

    please don’t tell me NinjaTrader 8 itself is flawed?

    thanks in advance for any help

    Bobbyj78 , I've moved your post to its own thread as it did not seem directly related to the months-old thread you had posted under originally.

    Based on the information you've provided, there must be a bottleneck somewhere in your workspace configuration or PC hardware. The first thing I would recommend is giving your workspace(s) a once over with optimization for performance in mind. I have provided a link below to our Help Guide that goes over performance tips:Please also keep in mind that 3rd party add-ons introduce an unknown variable which may need to be troubleshot as well. Here is a link with more information about understanding the impact of using add-ons:We'll likely need you to write in via email to provide your log/trace files for more accurate diagnosis, however, let's see what basic information we can learn on the public forums.

    So I may accurately assist you, please answer all of the following questions:
    • What version of NinjaTrader 8 are you using? Please provide the entire version number. This can be found under Help -> About (Example: 8.0.?.?)
    • Do you receive an error on screen? Are there errors on the Log tab of the Control Center? If so, what do these errors report?
    • How many total open workspaces are there? In those workspaces, how many total chart windows are there? In those chart windows, how many total tabs are there? In those chart tabs, how many total indicators are applied?
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      How many days of data does each chart load?


        Bobbyj78, what you describe is normal NT8 behavior for the type of workspace you describe, which NT support considers "complex". The problem is not your hardware. My setup is similar, with similar load time, and similarly large CPU, GPU, memory, etc. resources remaining unused while NT maxes out and charts lag. There is nothing you can do except reduce the load on NT to a level it can handle without lag by reducing the number of open workspaces, removing complex scripts (e.g. multi-timeframe), reducing the number of charted markets, reducing the number of charts, etc.

        Until such time that NT can use more available hardware resources, or otherwise handle more complex workspaces, just be aware of the limitation, especially during fast market periods, at market open/close, and at news events. To alert you to chart lag conditions, use the ChartLagTime script here.

        To setup NT for best startup, it helps to have closed all workspaces prior to closing the NT control center window at last NT shutdown, so that when NT starts, only the control center window opens. After the control center window opens, next connect to data, then open the workspace(s). During workspace startup and data loading, monitor Task Manager to see when NT finishes loading and calculating, then historical data needs to be reloaded for each market to fill in the data that failed to load. Don't know why, but workspaces that take a long time to load will have missing data. So, one by one, reload data (Ctrl+Shift+R) for each market, waiting until each market completes before reloading the next.

        See more discussions on these issues listed here.



          Im using 64 bit

          Errors wise i keep getting, Unhandled exception : not enough quota is available to process this command

          I have 9 work spaces saved. One for each instrument, as i like to see the whole picture of multiple time frame analysis at once. I dont want to be flicking through timeframes. All i want to do is flick between instruments and have the whole picture in front of me as i do.
          Each work space has 12 charts,, 1 on each screen of a different time frame. Starting from 5 min up to monthly. and i have volume profile charts also. but as i said each screen has one dedicated chart. Every work space is the same just a different instrument. ie . Cable or USD/EUR or USD/JPY or NQ . all the same time frames and charts on each work space.

          Days to load in data series are as follows. 5 & 15 min charts are 5 days . 30 & 60 min is 30 days. 240 is 60 days Daily is 365 days, Weekly is 200 bars and monthly is 200 bars

          Only 1 tab per chart/screen

          Indicator wise,, i have 5 moving averages SMA, and my custom indicators from Neurostreet trading academy.

          Now My I7 . couldnt cope with the work load but since changing ive been able to get every thing i want on the charts and kind of have them work, just not quick enough. Im still using the same GPU's. Would it work better if i was to go for say.. Nvidia P2200 GPU'S . Could the GPU be the bottleneck??


            Lancer,,, Thats a bit crap really, At professional trader levels and applications and apparently NT8 can use multithreads then why cant it work efficiently?.
            if this is how it is then E signal is way better in my opinion. I dont mind upgrading my GPU's if it will improve speed but i cant seem to get a straight answer about that so far. May be even through in an M.2 drive while ive got apart?

            Thanks very much for the info by the way, appreciate it
            Last edited by Bobbyj78; 01-24-2020, 11:30 AM.


              Bobbyj78 - In general, the error you mentioned typically indicates that NinjaTrader is running out of available PC resources to process what it has been asked to do.

              Throwing hardware at the problem may not be the best solution. We will want to dive more deeply into your exact configuration to find out what the best solution will be.

              Let me summarize your configuration:
              • 9 workspaces with 12 charts each = 81 charts
              • 5+ indicators per chart (how many 'Neurostreet' indicators?) = at least 405 indicators
              Are you able to cause 'slow loading' symptom at will? In other words, is it a constant symptom, or does it seem to be random/intermittent?

              When you mention "volume profile charts", is this the Neurostreet indicators? Or are you using NinjaTrader's Order Flow tools? Specifically on those volume profile charts, what is the 'days to load'? Do any of your charts have 'tick replay' enabled?

              Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                Hi Patrick, No i cant cause it at will, its random to be fair. I know some of the neurostreet stuff is demanding but still i dont think im asking too much of the system.

                Volume profile are Neurostreet Macro profiles, they are 30 days to load for the daily and weekly profiles and 60 for the monthly. these are very slow at the moment, as in i cant really adjust them as it causes freezing. but if left alone they work

                Tick reply i only have on for ES & NQ on orderflow charts, 2 charts for each. and only 2 days to load


                  I imagine the volume profile uses tick data 'under the hood' even if its running a minute or day based chart. We may want to test with loading less historical data to see if that improves loading time.

                  Tick replay is also incredibly resource intensive. You can read more about tick replay and it's impact here:Reducing the amount of tick replay in use will likely have an immediate impact on load times.

                  I suspect you may be running into a cumulative load issue rather than any specific chart or workspace being the issue.

                  Does this 'random' symptom seem to only occur when the market is highly volatile, or after a specific action like placing an order or switching workspaces?
                  Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                    So if this is cumulative load issues,, surely more powerful GPU's will help as the CPU isnt even hitting 25% while these issues are happening ?


                      I cannot say that more powerful hardware would resolve your symptoms with 100% certainty. You'll want to do some diagnostic testing on your end to try to isolate where the bottleneck is before spending money on a potential hardware solution.
                      Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                        Tick Replay is horribly slow to load. Make sure your indicator actually needs it.
                        NinjaTrader Ecosystem Vendor - Integrity Traders


                          Originally posted by Bobbyj78 View Post
                          So if this is cumulative load issues,, surely more powerful GPU's will help as the CPU isnt even hitting 25% while these issues are happening ?
                          If you're going to "experiment", then trying your M.2 drive idea might be a better first experiment than more powerful GPU's.


                            Ok, well, nobody seems to have mentioned this, so I'll ask it ...

                            Have you experimented with a scenario where you are,
                            * using all the same workspaces
                            * using all the same charts
                            * using all the same chart settings, DaysToLoad, etc, etc
                            - but turn off that Tick Replay, why do you need that?
                            * using all your current indicators on each chart
                            Except for this difference,
                            * you completely remove NeuroStreet indicators from each chart

                            If memory serves, NeuroStreet used to be Golden Zone Trading,
                            and the old NT7 GZT indicators were very resource intensive.

                            My point is, how well does NT8 handle your chart scenario if you
                            remove NeuroStreet? Not that you'd really get rid of NeuroStreet,
                            the point is to isolate the root cause of the slowness ...


                              The whole idea of me using NT8 is because of the software by neurostreet. otherwise i would be using e signal as its far more reliable that NT


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