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FDAX Alert Issues

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    FDAX Alert Issues

    Also, I happened to notice - I have Alerts configured in Market Analyzer to trigger on Indicators. One set to trigger on the FDAX approaching the Overnight Session Low did not. Should have been around 15:50, not in the Log.
    Other DAX alerts working earlier in the day.
    Other similar alerts working.

    Feel free to move to a new thread if desired as they are different Conditions, not Time-based, not Alerts on Charts etc.

    Commonality is alerts not working. Depends upon whether you believe related/un-related to this thread

    Kind regards,

    Thanks for posting.

    Can you provide a screenshot of the alert conditions running on the FDAX instrument?

    Has this alert previously worked?

    I look forward to your reply.
    Ryan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hello Ryan and thanks.
      I have several Alerts using the same Conditions (i.e. created using 'Copy') attached to different Instruments/Indicators, and they work.
      I can send screenshots tomorrow.
      Kind regards,


        Hello Ryan,
        I suggest you change the Subject heading to avoid confusion and insofar as the topic is incorrect for this.

        Please see attached screenshots.

        DAX Alerts - All the alerts you see listed are the same basis, just attached to Instruments separately so can be Enabled/Disabled uniquely. Conditions attached to Prior Current Day OHL(C) indicators, attached to Sessions. The 'concept' is 'When Current Price gets within x ticks of [e.g. Overnight Session Low] trigger 'Dax' sound file.
        Same for Overnight High, Day High/Low, yesterday's ETH High, Day Session high etc. for each Instrument. 'Within x ticks depends on Instrument's volatiliy/range etc.
        I sure you get the gist.

        They are all the same concept, created using 'Copy'.

        The Log is just of Alerts triggering today.

        The DAX Chart shows shows the Horizontal Red line marked up in red pen to LHS - this Line is the Overnight Session Low Indicator.
        That same Line marked up in red pen to the RHS near the NY Close is where price crossed around 15:50 hrs.
        The Condition is set to trigger with 9 ticks Offset i.e. as price fell toward the Overnight Session's Low, it should have triggered 9 ticks before reaching it.
        What I happened to notice is, it didn't (I noticed simply because it happened to be approaching/crossing whilst I was bringing up the Alerts Log to see what was going to happen with the ES Time-based 15:55 alert for the NY Close, saw the DAX move down coincidentally, no Alert appeared in the log and I noticed that.

        It seems to me the Condition was clearly met, yet no trigger.

        Kind regards,



          If you utilize market replay for this date/time does the issue persist?

          Is this a common occurrence or has this alert worked without issue prior to this instance?
          Ryan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


            Hello Ryan and thanks for the Market Replay suggestion.
            Meantime I changed the Text displayed in the Alerts Log to uniquely identify that Condition when those conditions recur, as it is less work than Market Replay. However the Condition hasn't since occurred in today's rising market.

            I'm not aware of this occurring/not occurring previously - I just happened to notice it by its omission whilst investigating the DAX Time-based alerts, which are more apparent and multiple instances.

            Kind regards,
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