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Unexpected order behavior and connectivity issues

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    Unexpected order behavior and connectivity issues

    Additionally, I have been having other problems. For example in this video https://www.screencast.com/t/Tp5rBGiM5P2O I was holding a long position in YM and the price had moved up enough that I had moved my stop to the 25008 mark. The price then moves below my stop without closing this position. Clearly one can see that this has nothing to do with market volatility as it was moving very slowly. This is not the 1st time I have seen this happen recently, but I was able to catch the results in a video this time. There were times when I entered an OCO bracketed order using Rythmic's RTrader and monitored the position with Ninja8. Since the broker connects through Rythmic, i thought maybe this contributed to the problem but the order in the video was entered using only Ninja8. The broker claims there is not a problem with the account or the connection with Rythmic.

    Also, I have been having a lot of difficulty quickly connecting to Ninja8 of late. It seems that after an initial connection, I will lose the connection and have to reconnect as many as 6 times. Sometimes I have to manually disconnect and reconnect. This can take as long as 10 minutes before I have a stable connection. I do not think that my workspaces are particularly complex but I do have a market analyzer that monitors 35 instruments with 5 columns, (ATR, %CHANGE, 3 STOCHASTICS). Doesn't seem like much to me.

    Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

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    In your video, I can see that the ask price (green) reaches your sell order, but the bid price (blue) and last traded price (yellow) do not. Sell orders fill at the bid price, so the bid price must necessarily reach your sell order before it has the potential to fill.

    It is tough to tell exactly what occurred in your video as it appears that right when your position flattens the bid/last traded price reaches your order. Did you click the close button? Or did the order fill on its own? We can investigate this more accurately if we have your log and trace files.

    I could not speculate the root cause of your intermittent connectivity issues with the information you've provided so far. To investigate a connectivity issue, we'll need more information.

    Please send me your log and trace files so that I may look into what occurred.
    • You can do this by going to the Control Center-> Help-> Email Support
    • Ensuring 'Log and Trace Files' is checked will include these files. This is checked by default.
    • Make sure to include a link to this forum post and a brief description of the issue(s) when you write in.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Not sure I was clear in my explaining what occurred in the video so I will try again.

      1. Long order opened at 25000
      2. Stop placed somewhere below 25000
      3. Price moved well above order entry price at 25000
      4. Moved stop to 25008 (above entry price at 25000) to protect profits
      5. Price then retreated to, below and past, stop price at 25008 failing to trigger the stop order NOTE: this is when I started the video recording
      6. I watched with my mouse on the CLOSE button with the intention of manually closing the position if the price hit my entry price of 25000
      7. The price never hit 25000 but the order inexplicably closes on its own.

      Please understand clearly that the order was not entered at 25000 and closed early before hitting 25008. This was not a target but a stop order.

      Will see what I can do about those log and trace files.



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